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It's the First-Ever PLAAY-dot-CON, July 13-15, 2018!

After last year's Time Machine Tournament in Denver, which we expanded to include the HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL All-Star Game Pre-PLAAY and SECOND SEASON College All-Star football game, we started talking about the idea of having a full-blown PLAAY Gamer "convention" of sorts. We're going to make that happen this summer, with PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018, three days of PLAAY, July 13th through the 15th, at the Hampton Inn and Suites, Lone Tree, CO, at 10030 Trainstation Circle. Here's the scoop...

Updated 06.14.2018

This event is now sold out! What an amazing three days this is going to be: we've got gamers from New York to California and even several Canadians making the trip to Denver this summer! Thanks to everyone who pre-registered, we have now reached capacity for our PLAAY space at the hotel. If you're on the guest, watch your e-mail in-box for monthly updates.

A good number of gamers indicated an interest in having an official convention t-shirt, so we created on and are making it available to convention-goers and non-goers alike. The shirts can be ordered through Custom Ink, through June 22nd. We posted a link on the PLAAY Games Facebook Page. All shirts will be delivered to Denver the week before the convention, we'll mail shirts to non-convention goers soon after.

Here's the tentative itinerary for PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018...

FRIDAY: Registration begins at noon, and we'll have several informal game projects set up for participation as guests arrive. At 4 PM, we'll have a panel discussion, "The Future of Sports Board Games," featuring hobby opinion-leaders Al Wilson, Steve Tower and Mike Boling. This will be streamed live on the PLAAY Games Facebook Page, for those who are unable to attend the convention in person. Dinner at 5 PM, and then at 6 PM the gaming begins in earnest with the first two rounds of the fifth annual HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Time Machine Tournament.

SATURDAY: The Time Machine Tournament resumes at 9 AM, with the remaining contenders taking their places at the east-side game tables. On the west side of the room, we begin our own SOCCER BLAST World Cup tournament. Open gaming for those who prefer something else—we'll have copies of all twelve PLAAY Games available for use during the three days of the convention. We break for lunch at noon, and then at 1 PM we're giving gamers the option of hockey (HOCKEY BLAST All-Time Franchise Great Team Tournament) or football (COLD SNAP and SECOND SEASON "Fab Five" Tournaments). At 4 PM, we adjourn to Coors Field for the Rockies/Mariners game—it's Nolan Arrenado Bobblehead Night, so if we get their early enough, everyone gets a bobblehead!

SUNDAY: We start bright and early at 8 AM for an hour-long "Sneak Peek Into The PLAAY Games Laboratory!" We'll show off game ideas that are in various stages of development, and answer questions. At 9 AM, we tee off at HISTORY MAKER GOLF's Country Club at Mile High for the PLAAY-Dot-CON Open Golf Tournament. Lunch at noon, and then we wrap up the convention with our very first HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Trading Card Tournament, where we'll play HMB with actual baseball trading cards!

Download the convention schedule here. We're calling this the "final" version of the schedule, but it's possible we could make late changes on-the-fly!

We're hoping that PLAAY-Dot-CON 2018 will be an amazingly fun, memorable sports game get-together for ALL of our registered attendees. If all goes well, we'll immediately begin making plans for an even bigger and better convention in 2019!

Please check back for updates!

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