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"Home-Brewed" Cards for SOCCER BLAST!

Make your own soccer teams with SOCCER BLAST!SOCCER BLAST fans share their work: The "How-To" guide for HMB lets fans make their own teams, from any season, any league! Download, print--and PLAAY!

Phil Dorn's 2020 Euro Cup cards.

Bobby Scott's 2018 Women's North American Pro League cards.

Neil Maitland's 2015 Scottish Pro League cards.

Jule Sigall's 2015 Champion's League teams (does not include English Pro League teams).

Keith Wright's 2015 Mexican Pro League teams.

Don Hampton's 2014 Women's Pro Season cards.

Matt Kulikosky's 2014 World Cup cards (all teams).

Giorgio Salvadego's 2013-14 Italian Pro League cards (all teams).

Christian Reismann's 2013-14 German Pro League (all teams).

Dave Kautz's 2013-14 Dutch Pro League cards (two teams).

Janik Deckers' 2013-14 Belgian Jupiler Pro League cards (all teams).

Bobby Scott's 1996 North American Pro League cards (all teams).

Will Kolodzie's Copa Italia cards (two teams).

Ed Meek's 1971-72 English First Division cards.

Ed Meek's vintage English Championship matchups from 1950, 1953.

Check back soon, we add new card sets regularly!