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Here's What Fans Say About SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game...

N. C. Hampton, UK: "The clever tables and the excellent design of the Play Book steer the gameplay clearly and are very slick to use which results in a flowing game which never once stutters or loses its pace or excitement. Full marks." (read the entire Board Game Geek review!)

M. W. Willingboro, NJ: "SECOND SEASON is OUTSTANDING in every way! Best football sim I've ever seen. Hands DOWN."

R. G. Pittsburgh, PA: "SECOND SEASON is a winner with me! Yours is among the best football simulation games I've ever played because it allows for so many variations on each play. Depending on the defense called, the location of the ball on the field, the quarter, the same dice roll for any given play will provide a different result. That unpredictability is what makes me coming back for more and what makes playing the game so enjoyable."

J. R. Keyser, WV: "You have created a masterpiece! This is the best board game I have ever played. Video games can not even touch this game!"

E. G. Chicago, IL: "It's a great game, and I really enjoy the way different players whose cards seem to just take up space in other games (i.e. offensive and defensive linemen) really get into the action and affect play!"

D. M. Rome, GA: "I play solitaire and I never thought I would ever find a game that played so well solitaire. This game plays better than ANY football game I have ever played and I have been playing 30 years!"

D. R. Westminster, CO: "This game is the most excellent game I have ever seen! How many football table games put the load of running two yards for the first down on the back of the offensive tackle to get the job done? The other thing is that the game has almost no set-up time. Thanks for the entertainment!"

W. D. Arlington, TX: "SECOND SEASON is one of the best table top games I have ever played and ranks in the HoF with APBA and S-O-M. Your games are FUN!"

T. H. Burke, VA: "Love the game. The customer service was tremendous and the game is wonderful. It is the best Pro Football sim I've played. I would heartily recommend this game to any pro football fan."

M. A. Hayward, CA: "The game has a nice flow to it, all the game components are very well done. Thank you for your effort in producing such a fine product!"

C. S. Carmel, IN: "Totally cool, the game honestly makes you feel like you're at the game! I've never played anything like it!"