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1980 Pro Season for BOWL-O-RAMA Championship Bowling Game

We're bringing back the golden days of televised pro bowling, with the very first vintage bowling season set we've ever offered! It's 1980 all over again with the 1980 Pro Season cards for BOWL-O-RAMA Championship Bowling Game! NOW AVAILABLE!

There were 34 sanctioned events on the official 1980 pro Tour schedule, including high-visibility events in New York, Detroit, Akron, Milwaukee, and two in Las Vegas. It was an exciting season, much of it captured on national television. Mark Roth made Tour history in the season-opener in Alameda, California when he successfully converted a 7-10 split, the first person ever to do it on TV. Steve Martin picked up his first career major (3/16/80) in Connecticut, and won a second major three months later in California. Johnny Petraglia captured the third major title of his career title in Detroit (3/23/80), completing his bowling "triple crown." Prior to Petraglia, only Billy Hardwick had ever done this.

For most of the 1970s, the Player-of-the-Year honors had alternated between Mark Roth and Earl Anthony, but in 1980 it went to Wayne Webb. Webb won three events in '80, including the Firestone event in Akron, was the top money-winner of the year, and posted a sterling 211 average. Alvin Lou, Ernie Schlegel Mike Aulby, and Hugh Miller (along with the previously mentioned Steve Martin) also each won multiple events in '80.

You can replay the entire '80 season if you want, with BOWL-O-RAMA's fast game time, you can knock out a tournament in an afternoon. If your sports game table time is more limited, you can start the fun in quick-play mode, allowing you advance quickly to the crucial games. Or create your own abbreviated schedule that amps up the tension exponentially! However you play it, the 1980 Pro Season bowler cards will satisfy your appetite for classic big-time bowling action on your game table.

The 1980 Pro Season for BOWL-O-RAMA Championship Bowling Game includes 76 bowlers, including every bowler who won an official tour event in 1980. You also get six "bonus" bowler performance cards, to represent non-carded bowlers with low to mid-range pro abilities. And you'll get a printed overview of the '80 season, with a schedule and real-life event winners and a list of fringe bowlers, their averages and suggested performance card. All this for just $24 postage-paid! Or, get the PDF edition for $14, delivered to your in-box, print-and-play right away! Order YOUR copy NOW!