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2019 Pro Season for COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Board Game

It's time to gear up for another exciting season of three-down football on your tabletop! PLAAY Games is proud to present the 2019 Canadian Pro Football Season for COLD SNAP Canadian Football Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

If you're not familiar with the Canadian game, take a look: you'll discover that with its larger field, three-down format, unique timing and kicking rules and emphasis on big plays, Canadian pro football is just as exciting—if not MORE so—than its southern pro counterpart!

With the 2019 Pro Season for COLD SNAP, you can re-live every nuance of the Canadian league's 2019 season. In recent years, the leagues western clubs have had a stranglehold on the standings, but that changed in 2019. With the emergence of a dominant Hamilton team that posted the league's best record (15-3) and a scrappy Montreal squad that played best when the game was on the line, Canada's football fans saw a league more balanced than ever.

Once the playoffs begin, anything can happen and that was again the situation last fall. The west's third-place club, Winnipeg, went on a post-season binge that saw a blowout win over Calgary in the first round, and a stunning upset of western champ Saskatchewan in the division finals. Then with the nation watching, the westerners made surprisingly easy work of the top-ranked 'Cats in the title game, posting a 33-12 win. You can read more about the 2019 Canadian Pro Season here.

But, of course, with a couple breaks and a change of "Lady Luck," you might have a different outcome!

Over the long haul, though, you'll see the same stars emerge on your tabletop who sparkled in Canada last summer and fall. Montreal's dual-threat quarterback Adams, Jr. will show off the same run-and-gun skills that enabled him to pile up 36 touchdowns on the year. Saskatchewan's gritty signal-caller Fajardo will likely lead your league in completion percentage and yards passing—helped, of course, by his superior surrounding cast. Winnipeg's elusive runner Harris will pile up the yards and big breakaway plays on his way to the top of your rushing statistical leaders. Hamilton's fleet WRs Banks and Addison will make life easier for the Ti-Cat offence with great hands and fast feet, helped out by the league's best offensive line. Yes, the linemen DO matter in COLD SNAP, just like in real-life Canadian pro football! Hamilton's Van Zeyl and Revenburg are league all-stars, and they'll demonstrate why week after week on your game table with premium pass protection and big blocks that produce breakaway runs!

Defenders, too, will re-create their on-field skills in tackles, sacks, interceptions and big plays. Special teams stars will star on your game table, in punting, place-kicking and returns. In short, every player is individually rated for their 2019 contribution in this exciting new card set for COLD SNAP. For fans who just can't get enough Canadian pro football—or for those who'd just like to learn more about the iconic, historic Canadian brand of professional football—COLD SNAP is the real deal!

With the 2019 Pro Season for COLD SNAP, you get over 300 players individually rated to re-create their actual 2019 performances, on team cards representing all nine real-life Canadian pro clubs. You also get a separate card containing ratings for nearly 50 other "fringe players," guys who had their seasons cut short after a handful or fewer games—it'll be up to YOU to decide whether to give them another shot at a full-season of play (they're rated so that you could do that), or limit them to what they actually contributed, in the name of statistical realism. Each copy of the 2019 Pro Season also includes an "Instant Results" card that allows you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll—perfect for re-creating divisional races while you conduct a full-season play-through of your favorite team! Available in printed form, presented in classic black and white on 67 lb Vellum Bristol card stock, $18 postage-paid* or get the PDF edition in team colors for $14 delivered to your e-mail box within 24 hours: print and play the same day! Order YOUR copy!

* for domestic delivery; international postage extra.