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2019 Wrestling America Federation Cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game

Dixie Dash, Dolf Signall from the 2019 WAF card set for FTTM!

We update the "current" pro wrestling scene every other year, and—it's time! Presenting the 2019 Wrestling America Federation card set for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

In 2017 a leaner, meaner organization took to the WAF's squared circle, and we're continuing that approach for the new wrestling TV season. The 2019 WAF card set includes 72 wrestling characters, more than enough upon which to build your weekly shows but not so many that you're overwhelmed with options. Here's an overview of the set...

• Retro Look. We're continuing the "retro" look for these cards, imaged after the original 1999 FTTM cards, which are now known as the "WAF Legends." In the PLAAY Games universe, the "Legends" set is intended to represent the WAF of the 1990s. The "Current Stars" franchise (of which the 2019 edition is the latest) has always represented today's (and tomorrow's) pro wrestling scene. Since these old/new franchises have a similar look, you can integrate old and new into your shows, or run completely separate operations, whichever you prefer!

• Link to the Legends. The 2017 set included the re-emergence of a few old-line WAF stars, Nuke Newsome, Cell Phone Malone, and "The Dead Guy." The popularity of these re-introduced stars sparked a couple more comebacks: the 2019 set includes "current" cards for WAF Legends "Flyboy" Eric Maharas and Sherman Finkelstein, "The Rasslin' Rabbi!" You can put them in the ring as featured performers, deploy them as managers or allies, or even give them "administrative" duties—whatever you choose to do!

• Character Development. Just like in real pro wrestling, the WAF universe features evolving story-lines. Some of the wrestlers included in the 2017 set have moved on, either forced out by injury, lured away by a competing federation, or simply had their contract terminated. Others are back, but with a different look. Caitlin Patel, for example, has been re-branded as "X Girlfriend," with an in-ring persona and move-set to match. As you review your roster, you'll notice some stars will be less effective in generating "heat" than they were last time around, while others have elevated their profile. It's all in keeping with the ever-changing nature of professional wrestling!

• Good vs. Evil Production Possibilities. The 2019 cards suggest that perhaps there's been shift of motives in the commissioner's office. The beloved patriarch of the WAF, Howard Schorr, doesn't seem to be so good-hearted any more. Has he been lured to the "Dark Side" by his shady son Emerson? Or has Emerson seen the light and will continue to oppose his dad, albeit from a different corner of the moral universe? Similarly, certain WAF heroes and villains appear to have made heel or face turns! How will this all play out in YOUR federation? You'll enjoy watching the drama unfold! PLUS you get two "masked" wrestlers—"The Missing Piece" and "Who IS This Guy?"—who you can deploy as villains or heroes at your discretion. Or, let them develop their OWN personas as determined by the whims of FTTM's story-generating game engine! Of course, as always, you can weave any, all or none of these possibilities into your own personal wrestling story! It's totally up to you!

• NEW Wrestlers for 2019. We've introduced almost two dozen all-new wrestlers in the 2019 WAF set! There's Dixie Dash, "Nashville’s Number One Smash," a hard-hitting, song-singing, guitar-slinging newcomer. "All Meat" Patty Gutschall has fans on their feet with her outrageous ill-treatment of opponents. There's Leodis McCown, known in-ring as "The Head Trip," who messes with the minds AND bodies of opponents. "Four Wheel McNeel" relies on pure power to get the job done. "The Committee" works as one to destroy foes and impose its corporate will on the WAF. These are just a few of the new faces in the 2019 Wrestling America Federation cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Board Game!

Of course, many of your established favorites are back for more, continuing the storyline that you've already established with the WAF. The Legend, The MorticianThe Big Time..."Me, the VP"...Triple G, Hella Goode, John Kentt, Girl Kym...the biggest stars of the WAF are back to "bring it" for another TV season! Not to mention high-flying Alberto Del Sol, hulking Kyler Bass, and vivacious Cheerleader Marie! William Royal, Dolf Signal, Mister Henderson and more than four dozen other stars, all prepared to give it their best shot on your game table for the purpose of upholding the hallowed, long-standing spectacle of "sports entertainment"

Click here for the complete 2019 Wrestling America Federation roster of stars!

The 2019 Wrestling America Federation card set for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game comes in two versions. The printed cards set is offered for $15 postage paid, the PDF edition sells for $10 delivered to your e-mail box so you can print-and-play immediately. Either way, it's endless, super-charged pro wrestling fun at your fingertips! NOW AVAILABLE!