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2021 Wrestling America Federation Cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game

Zed Greupthinck, X-Girlfriend cards from the 2021 WAF card set for FTTM!

We update the "current" pro wrestling scene every other year, and—it's time! Presenting the 2021 Wrestling America Federation card set for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

In 2017 a leaner, meaner organization took to the WAF's squared circle, and we're continuing that approach for the new wrestling TV season. The 2021 WAF card set once again includes 72 wrestling characters, 48 men and 24 women, more than enough upon which to build your weekly shows but not so many that you're overwhelmed with options. Here's an overview of the set...

• NEW Two-Tiered Card Style. No more writing on the cards! We introduced this wrinkle with the 20th Anniversary Edition of the game, keeping the moves and biographical detail on the wrestler's card and creating a separate "scratch card" on which you can pencil in the flexible, ever-changing TV and Grudge Grades. The "scratch cards" also have room to keep track of a wrestler's allies and foes, title belt status, feuds, injury effects, and whatever other information you might need. Once the "scratch card" gets too messy, just retire it and transfer the data to a new "scratch card." (The old card can be archived for a permanent record of your fed!) The 2021 WAF set comes with 72 blank "scratch cards," and you can download a print-and-play scratch card template for free!

• Expanded Wrestler Personalities. The new card style includes some fresh ratings wrinkles: Girl Kym's "Fade to Black" finisher, for example, is less effective against wrestlers with the FAVORITE quality. Ruslan uses a different (and better) SPECIALTY move when he's winning the match. Also, we've included catch-phrases for many wrestlers which we hope will help make your story-lines with even more vibrant. Nuke Newsome: "You're gonna blow up real good!" The Mortician: "My condolences in this time of sorrow." Dixie Dash: "It's so good to see y'all!"

• Character Development. Just like in real pro wrestling, the WAF universe features evolving story-lines. Some of the wrestlers included in the 2019 set have moved on, either forced out by injury, lured away by a competing federation, or simply had their contract terminated. Others are back, but with a different look. The 2019 set saw the introduction of "The Committee," a group of up-and-comer wrestlers with a corporate board room gimmick. They've been carded separately for the 2021 set--Zed Greupthinck, Simon Zippier and Alecia and Alex Leeve. You can keep the board room intact, create a hostile takeover by another gang, or whatever you want! Ronnie Jo Rolodeaux, for example, is now known as Red-Yello Jello, "Great Wiggly Diggly!" As you review your roster, you'll notice some stars will be less effective in generating "heat" than they were last time around, while others have elevated their profile. It's all in keeping with the ever-changing nature of professional wrestling!

• NEW Wrestlers for 2021. We've introduced over a dozen all-new wrestlers in the 2021 WAF set! Chris Andruzzi, known as "Chopper A" hits the ring in camouflage attire and full "Ooo-rah!" attitude. Country Conard joins Dixie Dash as a country music-themed co-ed duo fighting for faith, family and love of country music. Then there's Bingchun Yee, seven feet tall and 500 pounds: emotionless, heartless, ominous. These are just a few of the new faces in the 2021 Wrestling America Federation cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Board Game!

Of course, many of your established favorites are back for more, continuing the storyline that you've already established with the WAF. The Legend, The Mortician, The Big Time..."Me, the VP"...Triple G, Hella Goode, John Kentt...the biggest stars of the WAF are back to "bring it" for another TV season! Not to mention ourageous (some say vulgar) Trash Can Epic, hulking Kyler Bass, and--"Who IS This Guy!?" The masked, unknown wrestler with the domineering presence and powerful move set. William Royal, All-Meat Patty, Dolf Signal, Mister Henderson, Lucy Fisteaux and more than four dozen other stars, they're all prepared to give it their best shot on your game table for the purpose of upholding the hallowed, long-standing spectacle of "sports entertainment!"

Click here for the complete 2021 Wrestling America Federation roster of stars!

The 2021 Wrestling America Federation card set for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game comes in two versions. The printed cards are $21 postage paid and include 72 wrestlers and 72 blank "scratch cards." The PDF edition is $12 delivered to your e-mail box so you can print-and-play immediately. Either way, it's endless, super-charged pro wrestling fun at your fingertips! Order YOUR cards TODAY!