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Wrestling America Federation "Decade Stars" Cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game

Sample cards, '70s 80s 90s WAF Stars

The illustrious history of PLAAY Games' very own pro wrestling universe unfolds on your game table with three new Wrestling America Federation "decade stars" card sets for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

The Wrestling America Federation was born when FTTM debuted in 2000, with a collection of 96 fictional wrestlers. The WAF was patterned after the real-life pro wrestling scene of the previous 20 years, roughly 1975-95. Among the stars making a splash with this new set was "The Beautful One" Larry Swenson, Croc Wilson (straight from the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou), ever-silent, ever ominous "The Dead Guy" and "The Natural Woman," Monica Ashmore. Heroes like "The Tree" (Steve Rollins), Super Randy Cooper, Barbi Burton and "Coast to Coast" Steve America brought the fans to their feet, while characters such as Gaylord T. Good, with his hillbilly attitude and brute strength, massive "Earthquake Erma," and Yefeni El Achid's treasure chest of surprises brought excitement and entertainment to the WAF's squared circle. Villains like "The Grave Digger" Arthur Pyne, "All That Glitters" Hillary Marr and "Filthy Rich" Rich Rumble pushed the limits of fairness and decency, while authority figures like Judge Joe Ridge and Sergeant Slash attempted to maintain order.

When we began releasing semi-annual updates to the Wrestling America Federation in 2015 patterned after the contemporary wrestling scene, these original cards were branded as the "WAF Legends," and continued to offer classic pro wrestling shenanigans for PLAAY gamers around the world.

With the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of FACE TO THE MAT, we created a new set of WAF cards with a 1990s theme. It bridged the gap between classic and contemporary by including a number of the WAF Legends—by the '90s they would be either in or past their prime—as well as a number of "current stars" from the 2019 WAF set, who would have been just starting out their careers in the '90s. The bulk of the '90s stars set, though, is made of of new wrestlers, not carded in either set. Originally available only as part of the 20th Anniversary Edition of FTTM, this set is now available for FTTM fans everywhere!

Which brings us to today. As FTTM begins its next chapter of tabletop wrestling fun with version 5.0, along with the '90s Stars cards, we're re-introducing the legends, each assigned to one of two different decade sets, themed after the 1970s and '80s!

Each of these card sets—'70s-80s-90s—are presented in the new 5.0 two-tiered card format. No more writing on the cards! Each wrestler is given an action card (samples at right), which contains biographical data, an illustrative icon, along with specific wrestling attributes, specialty and finisher moves sets, and color/flavor detail. Each set also includes a set of "scratch cards" on which the changing elements of FTTM game play are recorded and altered: TV and Grudge Grades, Hot Box allies and foes, temporary abilities or conditions, championship belt status and more. Write, erase, re-write--and when the card gets too messy, just transfer the data to a NEW "scratch card" and retire the old one to your federation archives! The action card stays untouched, you can use and re-use over and over again!

Let's give you a run-down of each set. We've called out some of the heroes and villains, stars and jobbers recognizing of course that ANY angle can be changed by FTTM's Wild Card and Highlight Reel pages!...

The WAF '70s Stars set is made up of 40 "old school" members of the WAF Legends and 14 never-before carded stars. Among the classic WAF stars are "The Beautiful One" Larry Swenson, who admires himself in a mirror as he applies his finisher; Lasso-ropin' Kid Cowboy and his long-running nemesis Chief Wahoo; Big and brawny Ray Edd Harguss; Over-sensitive Allison ("Don't call me Allison!) Rose and not-to-be-messed-with "Mother Mertz." The Big Grabowski can best be described as "humorless." "Big Fish in a Small Pond" Marlon Kimbrough is a force to be reckoned with. The Rasslin' Rabbi provides comic relief. "The Snakestress" Terry Bloom is the meanest gal in the WAF (with a new boutique rating that solidifies that claim!). Newly-carded '70s stars include easy-going Copacetic ("Close the shades, man..."), "Mr. Everything" Jeff Fairweather, who, well, pretty much does everything, Texas-tough Roughneck Ron Cassidy and WAF female sea-sation "Bea from the Sea," who's on-going feud with Bunny Munsey provides many a '70s story-line twist. Then there's Melanie Mellon, who could best be described as the WAF's version of Gallagher.

The WAF '80s Stars set features 54 stars from the Legends set, 40 men and 14 women. There are no "new" '80s wrestlers (although watch the newsletter and free stuff page in the upcoming months and you *ahem!* might discover some!), but many of the '80s stars have a somewhat different look for this set. The Rock Brothers, Rick and Rob, for example, are given individual cards (they shared a card in the original Legends); "The Grave Digger" is given optional FAVORITE and/or CHEAT qualities, allowing you to make him any combination of good-and-evil that suits you! This set is filled with star power, as some of the best-known WAF names are rooted in the '80s: "Star Spangled" Sam Banner is just getting his career started, with unmatched strength and enthusiasm. "Flyboy" Eric Maharas is poised to dominate his weight class. And the set is filled with colorful '80s-themed characters like fear-inducing Freakenstein, fast-talkin' Jimmy "The Lawnmower" Sorrell, and "Idaho Falls' Finest" Officer Karl Barnes. There's "Bob and a Bag" Bob LaGroene—what's in that bag THIS match?—the WAF's chronic headache, "The Problem Child" Denny Loomis and Paul Gregory Allison, otherwise known as "The PGA Tour"—is he a golfer? A wrestler? Both? Then there's Kate Luscious, who creates all kinds of trouble, aided by her manager/beauty consultant Chez Maurice. Watch her butt heads with Triple X Joan Napoliello! Oh, yeah.

The WAF '90s Stars set, as we mentioned before, bridges the gap between classic and contemporary eras of the WAF. There are 13 carry-overs from the '80s stars, including Nuke Newsome, "The Tree" Steve Rollins, Kate Luscious, Officer Karl Barnes, Super Cooper and Elvis Holly (to name a few). Several '80s stars have new "schticks" for the '90s: Greg "Dial Tone" Malone re-branded as "Ringtone Malone." Betty Jane Normal is known in the '90s as "Granny Smith." And The Rock Brothers are still together—sort of. Rob Rock got disenchanted with the wrestling biz and turned to a solo music career. His place was taken by a NEW "Rock Brother," Bobby. From the current WAF scene we find a half-dozen or so stars just getting their careers off the ground in the '90s: Triple G, Hella Goode, Chris Babylon, Dolf Signall, Phil Michael Whyte, Tony Casa Loma and Randy Terwiliger are each carded with the '90 Stars. The WAF wrestling history that happened in between these two eras is represented by a subset of distinctly '90s WAF stars. Notable among them is chain-smoking Bruno "The Predicament" Padovano, who has sent many an opponent into "early retirement. There's loudmouth Donna "Don’t Wanna" Delvecchio, and the adversary who always seems to get the worst of her, Sunny Daes. "Repo Man" Kevin West, "All In" Paulie Wynn, and "The Game Changer" Connor Perry can each be counted on to provide big heat. When your show needs a change of pace, there's plenty of talent to draw from. Kent "Beer Me" Lager and "Slaw and Order" Randy Cabbage lighten up the mood, while Sanjay "The Deep End" Diep—at 7-0 480—has the opposite effect with his "High Dive" top-rope splash. Father John Dawson is doing the Lord's work, in the wrestling ring. And two of the best/worst jobbers in WAF history are carded with the '90s Stars: "Special Delivery" Johnny Post and the wildly mis-named "Crusher!" If any of your '90s stars needs a "push," these guys are ready to help you out!

Here's a complete roster for all three FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling decade stars sets. Each set includes 54 wrestler cards and 60 blank scratch cards (PDF editions include one page of "scratch cards" which, of course, can be re-printed as often as you like!). The '70s, '80s and '90s Wrestling America Federation Stars cards for FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game can be yours for just $16 each, postage-paid! Or get the PDF edition for $9 each, print and play the same day! NOW AVAILABLE!

Questions? Comments? Reach out to us! We're happy to help!