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2018-19 Pro Season for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game

Sample player card for 2018-19 HOCKEY BLAST

ANY season is hockey season with HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game! We're ready to turn the page on another year of exciting ice action with the 2018-19 Pro Season cards, NOW AVAILABLE!

The real-life 2018-19 season saw a dominating 60+ win season for powerhouse Tampa Bay, and 100+ point seasons for the other divisional winners, Calgary, Washington and Nashville. But playoff hockey—well, that's something different. In the end, the championship series came down to a pair of divisional runners-up: second place Boston vs. third place St. Louis. Maybe YOUR version of the season will be different, though. In all, fourteen teams finished at, over, or within shouting distance of 100 points and any one of them could earn your championship cup.

Join us in Boston October 26th for the Fourth Annual Commissioner's Surprise HOCKEY BLAST Tournament, using this card set!

The 2018-19 Pro Season featured an ample supply of great individual performances, which you can bring to life on your game table with HOCKEY BLAST. Washington's Ovechkin will likely lead your league in goals scored, with Edmonton's Draisaitl and Toronto's Taveras not far behind. Tampa's Kucherov will pile up the assists, while teammates Point and Stamkos crank in the goals. The top defenders make it tough to get those points, though—defensemen like Lindell of Dallas, Ekholm of Nashville and Carolina's Pesce— will earn all-star accolades from you for their goal-depriving game action, and goalies like New York's Lehner and Hellebuyck from Winnipeg will be just as tough to score against in HOCKEY BLAST as they are in real-life. Oh, and the League rules-benders are captured in HOCKEY BLAST, too: San Jose's Kane and Washington's Wilson will rack up the penalty minutes, and Winnipeg's Lemieux (who ended the year in New York) will likely lead your league in the glove-dropping, fist-swinging department. In fact, every player on every team—not just the stars—will re-create his actual hockey skills in this realistic tabletop recreation of pro hockey.

With the 2018-19 Pro Season cards for HOCKEY BLAST, you can re-create your favorite team's season, from opening night all the way to the playoffs (if you can get them there!). You can experience the highs and lows of the real-life pro season, the ups, the downs, and everything in between! Many fans complete their own full-season play-through in a matter of a few months. Or, conduct your OWN custom-designed tabletop hockey project—anything from a full-blown tournament to one-off "Game of the Week" match-ups—whatever time availability you have for your hobby, HOCKEY BLAST can fill it with exciting, realistic hockey action!

The 2018-19 Pro Season cards for HOCKEY BLAST give you complete say-so over all 31 pro hockey clubs, over 800 players individually rated. Plus you get "traded player" cards and a 2018-19 trade guide to complete rosters for the "playoff push," and an Instant Results chart that generates game winners with a single dice roll, perfect for quick-playing the rest of the league schedule to create context for a single-team season replay. The printed card set comes micro-perfed for quick separation so you can get right to the game, and sells for $44 postage-paid. The PDF edition is $21 and comes in two versions, standard-size or big-print, each delivered to your e-mail in-box. All versions are presented in team colors. Order YOUR copy TODAY!

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