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2019-20 Pro Season for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game

Sample player card for 2019-20 HOCKEY BLAST

We're excited to put another year of exciting hockey action on your tabletop with the 2019-20 Pro Season card for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

Like every other sports league on the planet, our pro hockey season was de-railed by the virus just as playoff hockey was coming into view. Most of the season had been completed, but the months-long break demanded creativity from the league office when the season was resumed in July. You can take their approach and have your own re-start tournament, OR wrap up the real-life un-played games on your tabletop and have YOUR playoffs as if COVID 19 was just a bad dream! It's up to YOU!

However you decide to play it, the 2019-20 Pro Season featured plenty of memorable individual performances, which you can bring to life on your game table with HOCKEY BLAST. Pastrnak from Boston and Washington's Ovechkin will battle it out for your league lead in goals scored, with Toronto's Matthews not far behind. Edmonton's high-flying tandem of Draisatl and McDavid take turns feeding each other for laser-shot goals. DC's Carlson will turn defensive transitions into sudden scores. The top defenders make it tough to get those points, though—defensemen like Heiskanen of Dallas, Slavin of Carolina, Tampa's Hedman and Calgary's Giordano will earn all-star accolades from you for their goal-depriving game action, and goalies like Rask, Allen, Kuemper and Khudobin will be just as tough to score against in HOCKEY BLAST as they are in real-life. Oh, and the League rules-benders are captured in HOCKEY BLAST, too: New York's Johnston (ISL) and Lemieux (RGR) will rack up the penalty minutes, and Anaheim's Deslauriers will likely lead your league in the glove-dropping, fist-swinging department. In fact, every player on every team—not just the stars—will re-create his actual hockey skills in this realistic tabletop recreation of pro hockey.

With the 2019-20 Pro Season cards for HOCKEY BLAST, you can re-create your favorite team's season, from opening night all the way to the playoffs (if you can get them there!). You can experience the highs and lows of the real-life pro season, the ups, the downs, and everything in between! Many fans complete their own full-season play-through in a matter of a few months. Or, conduct your OWN custom-designed tabletop hockey project—anything from a full-blown tournament to one-off "Game of the Week" match-ups—whatever time availability you have for your hobby, HOCKEY BLAST can fill it with exciting, realistic hockey action!

The 2019-20 Pro Season cards for HOCKEY BLAST give you complete say-so over all 31 pro hockey clubs, over 800 players individually rated. NEW for this edition, the cards are presented in our "action silhouette" style, in team colors. A departure from past seasons, we've set it up so that your cards will be playoff-ready. As before, you get "traded player" cards, but THIS year the traded player cards represent the early-season rosters rather than late-season. Just like years past, though, the pro season release will allow you to set up your rosters based on opening night OR just after the trade deadline, whichever you prefer. You also get an Instant Results chart that generates game winners with a single dice roll, perfect for quick-playing the rest of the league schedule to create context for a single-team season replay. The printed card set comes micro-perfed for quick separation so you can get right to the game, and sells for $49 postage-paid. The PDF edition is $21 delivered straight to your e-mail in-box. All versions are presented in vibrant team colors. Order YOUR copy TODAY!

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