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"All-Time International Great Teams" for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game

It's tabletop hockey fun escalated to the world stage! The new All-Time International Great Teams collection for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game lets YOU decide which nation rules supreme on the ice! NOW AVAILABLE!

Designed by hockey historian Michael Owens, this card set includes full teams of all-time great players from every era, 24 for each team, representing the "big six" hockey nations: Canada, Czechosolvakia, Finland, Sweden, USA and the USSR. Canada, Czechoslovakia, the USA and the USSR are each represented with TWO teams of all-stars, for a total of ten legendary all-world hockey teams! Almost 300 players in all, each team printed in national colors, with alternate color schemes for teams from the same nation.

If you enjoyed watching the World Cup of hockey, you'll most certainly enjoy seeing these legendary players come to life on your cardstock hockey rink, putting it all on the ice for national pride! Stir together "love of country" with "love of hockey," for an irresistable mix of tabletop sports fun! Conduct your own "Cup of Legends" tournament, with semi-final, final and championship rounds. Or, choose your national team and play out best-of-three, five or seven game series against the other all-time great teams. With HOCKEY BLAST'S quick game time, you could conduct projects like these in only a matter of weeks!

However you decide to use these cards, they're sure to deliver realistic, timeless, world-class hockey! Each player is rated for his overall career performance, in an "all-time great" context: the high-flying scorers will frequently light the lamp on your game table; the staunch defenders will turn away plays; the legendary goalies will make memorable game-winning saves. PLUS, as an added wrinkle, Michael took a cue from Bill Hild, who created our All-Time Great International Soccer card set, and carded some super-star players with double qualities, giving this card set added depth and fun!

It's "Rink of Dreams" hockey, whenever you want--with the All-Time International Great Teams set for HOCKEY BLAST! Available for just $19 postage-paid (US delivery, international delivery extra), or order the PDF edition for $12, print and play, the same day!

Here are the rosters for each team included in the All-Time International Great Teams collection...

CANADA ONE • Forwards: Bathgate, Bo. Hull, F. Mahovlich, Richard, G. Howe, Lindsay, Geoffrion, Lafleur, Shutt, Cournoyer, Abel, Beliveau, P. Esposito, Dionne, Clarke; Defense: Orr, Lapointe, Robinson, Horton, Park, Kelly, Savard, Harvey, Laperriere; • Goalies: Plante, Sawchuk, Parent.

CANADA TWO • Forwards: Neely, Sakic, Iginla, McDonald, Gartner, Goulet, R. Martin, Gare, Messier, Lemieux, Gretzky, Crosby, Lindros, Yzerman, Bossy; • Defense: Bourque, Pronger, MacInnis, Coffey, Potvin, Stevens, Doughty, Keith, Pietrangelo; • Goalies: Fuhr, B. Smith, Brodeur.

CZECH ONE • Forwards: Hlinka, Elias, Holik, Straka, Hejduk, Demitra, Martinec, Novak, Novy, Pouzar, Nedomansky, P. Statsny, Jagr, Gaborik, Nedved, Ruzicka; • Defense: Chara, Bubla, Pospisil, Machac, Dvorak, Chalupa, Suchy, Svoboda; • Goalies: Hasek, Holicek, Dzurilla.

CZECH TWO • Forwards: Prospal, Sykora, Lang, Reichel, Rucinsky, Pivonka, Havlat, Klima, Plekanec, Vrbata, Frolik, Hossa, Bondra, Palfy, A. Stastny, M. Stastny; • Defense: Hamrlik, Visnovsky, Svehla, Spacek, Slegr, Kadlec, Kaberle, Kubina; • Goalies: Turek, Vokoun, Pavelec.

FINLAND • Forwards: Kapanen, Makela, Filppula, Skriko, Sinisalo, Lehtinen, Tikkanen, Kurri, Selanne, S. Koivu, M. Koivu, Ruutu, Hagman, J. Jokinen, O. Jokinen; • Defense: Numminen, Lumme, Siltanen, Ruotsalaninen, Rautakallio, Timonen, Salo, Lydman, Virta; • Goalies: Kiprusoff, Rinne, Rask.

SWEDEN • Forwards: Loob, Gustafsson, Mat. Naslund, Mar. Naslund, Kallur, Hedberg, Sandstrom, Alfredsson, D. Sedin, H. Sedin, K. Nilsson, U. Nilsson, Forsberg, Sundin, Zetterberg, Backstrom; • Defense: Salming, Kronwall, Lidstrom, Samuelsson, Karlsson, Jonsson, Sjoberg, Persson; • Goalies: Lindberg, Lundqvist, Salo.

USA ONE • Forwards: Rolston, Smolinski, Langenbrunner, Kane, Guerin, Amonte, Mullen, Tkachuk, Br. Hull, Modano, Roenick, LaFontaine, Broten, Weight, LeClair; • Defense: Ramsey, Chelios, Housley, Leetch, M. Howe, Hatcher, Langway, Milbury, Suter; Goalies: Vanbiesbrouck, Barrasso, Miller.

USA TWO • Forwards: Parise, Oshie, Pacioretty, Gomez, Young, Gionta, McNab, Trottier, Stevens, Kessel, Kesler, Pavelski, Otto, Backes, Callahan; Defense: Byfuglien, Suter, McDonagh, Schneider, Larson, Ludwig, Morrow, Rafalski; • Goalies: Richter, Brimsek, Quick.

USSR ONE • Forwards: Firsov, Kharlamov, Mikhailov, Yakushev, Balderis, Vikulov, Starshinov, Bobrov, Alexandrov, Maltsev, Shadrin, Petrov, Zhluktov, A. Golikov, V. Golikov, Zimin; Defense: Vasiliev, Davydov, Lutchenko, Gusev, Ragulin, Tsygankov, Kuzkin, Liapkin; • Goalies: Tretiak, Puchkov, Zinger.

USSR TWO • Forwards: Malkin, Ovechkin, Bure, Moginly, Krutov, Kamensky, Kovalchuk, Kovalev, Semenov, Fedorov, Larianov, Datsyuk, Yashin, Nemchinov, Makarov; Defense: Kasatonov, Fetisov, Gusarov, Konstantinov, Zubov, Starikov, Babinov, Biljaketnidov, Pervukhin; • Goalies: Myshkin, Khabibulin, Nabokov.

This card set is NOW AVAILABLE!