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Hockey North America cards for HOCKEY BLAST

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Our fictional hockey league is getting a makeover for 2019! The World Hockey League becomes "Hockey North America," with the release of the new 2018-19 Hockey North America card set for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

Hockey North America has the same universe of fictional players as its predecessor, continuing the careers of established WHL stars like defenseman Denis Bourque and John Yorke, wingers Jake Hull and Brett Morrow, and goalie Teppo Toskala. Young stars like Cole Trepanier, Nick Concannon and Myke Lit continue their ascent and, as always, they're all being pushed by a brand new class of rookies—led by forward Sidney Campbell, defenseman Kris Herbers and center Lucas Howe—each hitting the ice for the very first time!

We're also, for the first time, going to provide optional individual team assignments for the league's 320 players. Many WHL fans suggested that this would be helpful, especially those trying out fictional pro sports for the first time. Each player's card has a numerical team assignment number printed on it—simply sort the cards by number and just like that, you're league is set up! If you want even more detail, we've created a downloadable color-coded alphabetical 2018-19 league roster that lists each player's age and nationality. (Of course, if you prefer to draft your own teams, you're welcome to do that instead!) You can then choose cities, create nick-names and even team logos for your own personal pro hockey league!

Matt Wilm is one of this year's top rookies in the World Hockey League

We'll also provide a 2018-19 HNA Instant Results table for the league that generates outcomes with a single dice roll. Using the IR table, you'll be able to do single-team season play-throughs of "your" team while quick-playing the other league games to provide complete up-to-the-minute standings and playoff positions.

Of course, if you're a long-time WHL-er, it'll be no trouble at all to continue your existing league set-up. In fact, it'll be even easier this year, as we're presenting the HNA card set with the players grouped by position, in alphabetical order for easier sorting and collating!

With the new Hockey North America cards for HOCKEY BLAST, setting up your own, personal pro hockey league is a snap! YOU are the commissioner, so it'll be up to you to decide how your league will be laid out. The HNA set includes enough players for 12 teams, which will allow you great flexibility in setting up your divisional or conference alignment. Once your league is created, you'll decide how long the season will be, who makes your playoffs, and how the post-season will be structured. As the season unfolds, it'll be up to you to handle hthe duties that routinely fall to the commissioner's desk, including handing out fines and suspensions to players who misbehave. It's all part of the fun of running your own pro hockey league, where you're writing new history every time you sit down to roll the dice!

Hockey North America is offered in two versions. The printed edition is $21 postage-paid, and includes 320 players, each with his own card, an introduction page and Instant Results chart. The PDF edition is $14 and is identical to the printed version but presented digitally, sent to your e-mail in-box. Print-and-play the same day! Start (or continue) your own pro hockey league, with the all-new Hockey North America card set for HOCKEY BLAST, order YOUR copy TODAY!

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