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2018 Pro In-Season Cards for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL

Jake deGrom and Mookie Betts cards for 2018 Pro In-Season, HMB

Play today's baseball—and tomorrow's—TODAY! The 2018 Pro In-Season Card Set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game lets you jump right in to the ongoing big league baseball season, as it's happening! NOW AVAILABLE!

This is our sixth year to put out an in-season card set for the game. We're excited that so many table-top sports gamers have embraced the concept of re-creating this year's baseball season with cards and dice, while the real-life season is still going on! You get 30 players for each of the 30 big league teams, with specially-marked cards that allow you to play with either the opening day or trade-deadline rosters. There are all kinds of fun possibilities! You can play along with your favorite team's schedule, calling the shots yourself, while collecting the real-life game results for the rest of the league from the newspaper or internet for a true-to-life experience. You can generate your own "what if?" scenarios, making different trades than those which actually went down. You can pick a "game of the day" using projected actual starters, and see how close YOUR results come to the real thing! Or, you can start from opening day and see if you can do better than the real-life manager has done so far. However you choose to use this set, we know you'll get many hours of baseball thrills, drama and fun.

Our In-Season card set is constructed a bit differently than our historical season sets. One of the key differences is in traded players. Our full-season card sets include multiple cards for traded players, one for each team played-for, based on the statistics compiled by the player for each club. However, since the in-season set is created just after the trade deadline, many traded players haven't compiled sufficient numbers on which to base a realistic card. Thus, traded players are carded for one team only, usually the team on which the player began the season, with the team's city in [brackets]. However, we've also created duplicate "traded" cards which list the traded player's new team. So, for example, Manny Machado will be carded with [Baltimore], but will also have a "traded" card for Los Angeles (N). By keeping the [bracketed] players on the original teams, you'll have "opening day" rosters. By removing the [bracketed] players from each team and inserting the "traded" cards, you'll have pennant-run rosters. Easy!

We've come up with a couple of interesting options we invite you to use with these players, in keeping with the Game Day aspect of HMB. First, to reflect the "boost" a player often gets from a new surrounding environment, you can add or subtract a half-quality of your choosing to any traded player. Second, if you'd like to generate some extra "mood," you may roll a die for any traded player. On a die roll of "1," the player is HAPPY TFN. On a die roll of "6," he is UNHAPPY.

We'll also include a copy of the Universal Instant Results table, which you can use to quick-play games and re-create pennant races in real-time without having to play every game. We'll be using the table to quick-play the last two weeks of the regular season in preparation for our sixth annual "Fall Classic Pre-PLAAY," to be held September 15th in Dallas, TX.

And, we're again presenting the in-season cards in the distinct card design we introduced last year (cards of Jake deGrom and Mookie Betts are pictured at right), to help further distinguish them from our regular full-season card sets. The in-season cards have a unique look that we hope you'll enjoy!

Experience has shown that the in-season cards for most players—about 80%—will be identical or very similar to the card they'll be given once the season is complete. For fans who prefer to purchase an "official" full-season card set, we'll offer one around spring training 2019, sometime in late February. However, it's our conviction that this in-season card set presents the 2018 season very credibly. In our mind, there's no need to re-purchase the "full season" card set once it comes out next spring (not that we wouldn't WANT you to!).

The 2018 Pro In-Season card set for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL Big League Baseball Game sells for $44 postage-paid and includes 900 player cards (30 for each team), over 60 "traded player" cards, 32 umpire cards, an umpire appendix with ratings for an additional 50 umpires, a "trade guide," sample batting orders for each team and an Instant Results table for quick-playing games. OR, purchase the PDF version for just $14, get everything just mentioned in digital format, and print and play select games and teams. Either way, it's "right now" baseball: you're playing along with the big leagues in real-time, all the way to the 2018 Fall Classic! Order YOUR copy!