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2020 Pro Season for HISTORY MAKER GOLF

sample golfer cards for 2019 Pro Season, HMG

Today's pro golf stars take their places on your tabletop with the 2019-20 Pro Season cards for HISTORY MAKER GOLF Championship Golf Board Game, NOW AVAILABLE!

Like every other sports entity, pro golf's 2020 season was interrupted and dramatically altered because of the virus pandemic. Over a dozen events were cancelled, including the major championship events scheduled for Augusta, New York and England. The tour resumed play June 11th, with the remainder of the schedule played without fans in attendance.

When the season concluded on August 20th, Dustin Johnson had earned the points championship, while Justin Thomas finished as the top money-earner. Scottie Scheffler was 2020's top rookie. With the 2019-20 Pro Season cards for HISTORY MAKER GOLF, you get cards for pro golf's biggest stars and many, many more: every golfer who had a top ten finish during the season is carded for this set, over 200 golfers in all.

Each golfer's card, whether star or on-the-fringe, is thoughtfully crafted to re-create his real-life golf game on your tabletop, capturing abilities (or deficiencies) in shot-making, distance and accuracy, putting, short game and everything else! Big hitters like DeChambeau and McIlroy will get that extra distance from the tee, while Stuard, Kuchar and Furyk will sometimes frustrate you by coming up short. Pros like Redman and Casey will consistently set themselves up for birdie opportunities with accurate shots from the tee box, while English and Schauffele will be among your most lethal with an iron. Other golfers will have to be more creative, though! Guys like Berger and Na will tap into superior scrambling skills to get themselves out of trouble brought on by (not infrequent) errant shots. It's sometimes a struggle for someone like Poulter or Spieth to get to the green, but then you'll often watch him hole an unbelievable putt from long range to earn birdies the hard way. For pros like Henley or Gordon, though, it's the opposite experience: consistently true shots to the green are undone by missed putts.

Each golfer's experience comes into play as well. Newcomers like Scheffler and Morikawa will dazzle, for sure—but they'll also make their share of "rookie mistakes," just as in real-life. On the other hand, long-time pros like Mickelson and Woods will draw from their experience to stay competitive with the newcomers, especially when the pressure is on!

Each golfer is also rated for his actual tournament standing, which when used in conjunction with HMG's "Tournament Mode" will ensure that the top golfers show up most often as your final round contenders, while allowing for the rest of the field to have their shot as well. (We recently published this newsletter article on tweaking Tournament Mode to allow for the selective participation of today's top stars.) Intangibles will factor in, adding a fun element of unpredictability and surprise to your schedule of events. It's all part of the fun of tabletop pro golf, with the 2019-20 Pro Season cards for HISTORY MAKER GOLF.

You'll have a great time watching your season unfold, as the world of pro golf comes alive on your game table with this realistic collection of cards representing today's pro golf scene. Though the real-life 2020 events were cancelled because of the virus, that won't stop you from holding them on your tabletop with HISTORY MAKER GOLF realistic pro golf board game! Who'll win top honors at your Pro Open, or the green jacket at your version of Augusta? You'll experience tension and drama as your season winds down, with the top guys on your money list scrambling to move up a notch or two, or hanging on for dear life!

Or, line up your favorite golfers and conduct match play, stroke play, skins games, short-form tournaments, or just enjoy a leisurely round of golf with your favorite golf star on one of HMG's many available pro courses. However you choose to play, we know you'll have a ball!

The 2019-20 Pro Season for HISTORY MAKER GOLF includes 204 individual golfer cards roughly the top 90 per cent of the just-finished pro season, every golfer who earned a top-ten finish during the truncated tour schedule. We've also included two bonus cards with the set: while the tour was on hiatus, there was a charity exhibition match held featuring Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady—a better ball pro-celebrity match play event. We've included cards for Manning and Brady so you can re-create this exhibition if you like!

It's limitless pro golf entertainment for just $21 postage-paid. Order YOUR copy of the 2019-20 Pro Season cards for HISTORY MAKER GOLF!