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Midge 'Toughie' Brasuhn, roller derby Pioneer

Take a trip back in time and experience the formative days of the roller derby with the Roller Derby Pioneers cards for ROLLER RUMBLE Roller Derby Game, Now Available!

The Roller Derby Pioneers card set was originally created in 2001 when ROLLER RUMBLE was introduced, and it came about only after a great deal of time spent researching the sport through old roller derby programs and other printed biographical and historical data. The set continued to be offered until a couple years ago when the files were lost in a computer crash. These new cards were re-created from a hard-copy master of the original cards, and now these pioneer roller derby stars are ready to come alive again on your tabletop!

Gene Gammon, roller derby Pioneer

The Roller Derby Pioneers card set contains the "founders" of classic banked track roller derby, the stars of the 1940s and '50s (with a few 1930s stars included as well). Most people—indeed, most sports fans, even—are unaware that at one point in the late 1940s, roller derby was America's third most-popular professional sport, behind only baseball and football! In the early days of television, roller derby telecasts routinely topped the weekly ratings charts, and the matches would sell out at prestigious locations like Madison Square Garden in New York and the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was an exciting and interesting chapter in American sports folk lore! Intrigued? Here's a link to a glowing article about the "new roller derby" published in the Chicago Tribune on October 26, 1939.

This earlier version of the roller derby incorporated somewhat different rules than the banked track sport seen on TV during the 1960s and '70s. With that in mind, the "Roller Derby Pioneers" card set includes a sheet of easy-to-implement ROLLER RUMBLE rules adjustments. The cards are also completely compatible with the "classic" rules from the '60s and '70s, so you're free to use either. In fact, you can combine these Pioneers with our already-available Roller Derby Legends cards to form a roller derby "super league!"

With the Roller Derby Pioneers card set, you get cards for 96 real-life roller derby pioneers, 48 men and 48 women along with suggested rosters (based on historical lineups) for a six-team roller derby league. All for just $9 postage-paid. It's an old-fashioned low price, for hours of old-fashioned FUN! NOW AVAILABLE!