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1999 Pro Season for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'

Sample card from 2019 SCRAM Season for RWBR

In honor of the 20th anniversary of PLAAY Games, we're celebrating the year it all got started for us, 1999: Presenting the latest in our anniversary series: the 1999 Pro Season for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game! This season was rated by our RWBR "go-to" guy, NASCAR historian and PLAAY Gamer Jerry Minks, Mountain City, TN. There's just nobody out there who knows RWBR and NASCAR like Jerry does! NOW AVAILABLE!

If you're a fan of stock car racing, you'll remeember that in 1999 the 88 team dominated a season like few in the modern era ever have: 24 top-five finishes in 34 races, an amazing feat. Beyond that, '99 offered a wonderful mix of veteran stars from the last half of the 20th century and drivers who would become major "movers and shakers" as the 21st century began. And, aside from the well-known stars, a handful of drivers had their "fifteen minutes of fame" in '99. For example, rrookie driver Stanton Barrett--Barrett's racing career never really materialized, he found his niche as a Hollywood stunt driver instead! The '99 Pro Season gives you a fascinating snapshot of the state of the sport as it moved into the new century.

The '99 Pro Season set includes a number of unique cards, designed to re-create some rather unique racing results, drivers who greatly excelled at certain kinds of tracks but not others. There are "dagger notes" at the bottom of cards, where applicable and you'll enjoy seeing these drivers perform according to their actual tendencies from a couple decades ago! There are a handful of drivers who raced "part-time" in '99--you'll get cards for them as well! You'll be able to re-create the entire season of stock car racing "guts and glory," or just re-live the key races at Daytona, Bristol, or YOUR local venue! However you choose to enjoy it, there are endless hours of tradin' paint waiting for you on the tabletop with this awesome new card set!

Your card set will also include a set of 24 track cards specific to the '99 pro season. Most of the tracks are familiar venues for contemporary race fans. However, the '99 season did feature two races at the venerable Rockingham, NC track (known in '99 as North Carolina Speedway). The track was sold that year, and eventually lost both its slots on the tour, but in '99 it was still rockin' at Rockingham! We've also included a trio of "bonus" tracks, which were active in '99 but not part of the Cup series. Pikes Peak International Raceway, Nashville Speedway, and the venerable Milwaukee Mile were each home to "B" Series racing in '99. A good number of drivers in the '99 Pro Season card set raced at these venues, so we thought it would be fun to include them with your top-tier tracks.

The 1999 Pro Season cards for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' gives you 61 driver cards (both standard and TV cards for each), 24 track cards and a summary sheet that explains the various boutique ratings and nuances of this classic stock car racing season. Everything you need to go back in time to the salad days of big time stock car racin' for just $21 postage-paid! Order YOUR copy NOW!