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Welcome to the 2017 season of SCRAM—Stock Car Racing America—RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game's fictional stock car racing organization!

The premise behind all our fictional card sets is that sometimes it's fun for sports board gamers to play out an open-ended scenario, where you're creating your OWN sports history, rather than re-creating it from what happened in real-life. With this set of SCRAM driver cards, you can watch your own personal stock car racing season unfold, with all the drama, excitement and unpredictability of REAL stock car racing!

This is the sixth consecutive year for SCRAM, and many PLAAY Gamers have conducted full race schedules all six years! Our hope for this update is that it will generate another season of memorable table-top "moments!" There's enough new and different stuff going on to keep things fresh and interesting, but plenty of continuity, too. It'll be, we think, a very comfortable and familiar progression for SCRAM fans moving from 2016 to 2017.

If you're new to SCRAM, we want you to know that it's loosely patterned after the current pro stock car scene, designed to generate a similar distribution of results. However, it's a totally distinct entity. These are unique racing personalities, and we feel strongly that after running a few races, you'll begin to develop a real affinity for them as "your guys." Don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to your race fan friends about Wayne Montana, Stu Yurich and the Pettis brothers Jordy and Kevin as if they were real racing stars! To YOU, they WILL be!

With that in mind, here are some of the highlights of the brand-new 2017 SCRAM Season card set...

The SCRAM youth movement continues in 2017, with a couple of last year's rookie drivers poised to make a move. Kerry Cacciola picked up sponsor money from a major Nashville record label. Chuck Tufaro put in a couple of impressive pre-season performances and has fans buzzing about what he might do once the season begins. But the big move among the young crowd was made by third-year driver Clark Snook, who is now the top driver for the 9 team after the departure of Stu Yurich in a management level power struggle. For Snook, it's a huge opportunity to build on the flashes of stardom he displayed driving for the second-tier 7 team last year—but let's not kid ourselves, it's a huge risk for the 9 team. Yurich—surprised and maybe a bit stung by the turn of events—was quickly picked up by the 56 team, which has seen some lean years lately. Many SCRAM fans don't remember a time when Yurich WASN'T driving the 9, and it'll take some getting used to. Can Yurich get some "told you so" revenge? Or will Snook make his move into the upper echelon of SCRAM drivers? How this drama plays out on YOUR tabletop is just ONE of the many interesting angles offered by the 2017 SCRAM season cards for RWBR.

These two guys could be feudin' in 2017, Clark Snook and Stu Yurich!

Yurich isn't the only big-name SCRAM star scrambling to maintain standing. Ray Bob Walker's top sponsor took some bad publicity from an anti-racing consumer faction group and responded by pulling out of stock car racing entirely. As a result, he's had to trim staff and resources. One of SCRAM's top young stars, Trevor Trostel, got hurt in a pre-season wreck and will miss a chunk of the season: "B" series driver Aaron Hartley gets the call to fill in for Trostel, his first action at the top-level. Meanwhile SCRAM icon Wayne Montana has seen a rash of pre-season wrecks, and hasn't looked sharp in the lead-up to this new race season. Can he shake off the problems and get back to peak form? We'll see...

If these stars struggle, don't worry—there's more than enough star power to take up the slack. Julee Justus has wowed fans with her grit and guts behind the wheel, not to mention her good looks. Some insiders feel she's the driver to beat in '17. Jordy Pettis continues to punctuate races with aggressive moves and dominating performances in the 17 "black widow" Ford Fusion. Veteran star Pete MacAtee insists this is going to be a banner year for the 39 team, with new sponsor money and a fresh paint scheme. Geoff Daly Jr., Brooks Billovich, Austin Bigler, Marlin McGarry—well, the list of exciting, contending drivers goes on and on.

And so do the story lines. There was big drama last year with the 68 team's less-than-comfortable driver transition from Kevin Pettis to Cam Croyle. Croyle immediately clicked, while Pettis struggled gamely with the under-funded 80 team. Pettis—brother of fellow SCRAM star Jordy Pettis—was on the move again in the off-season, as the 80 team merged with the 78, and Pettis segued over to the 1 when Joey Wilson was released. Maybe this move will energize Pettis' comeback and get him back in the "contenders" conversation. For his part, Croyle seems focused on bringing a championship banner to the 68 garage, and is irked when media types try to continue to stir the pot between him and Pettis. Truth is, though, this thing isn't over yet.

The aforementioned Joey Wilson managed to land a back-up job on Dick Exham's low-budget 3 team. But several drivers from last season won't be returning in 2017. The 18 and 19 teams both folded, leaving Everett Davis and Donnie Schrupp out of work. Ryan Mooney didn't like his driving options and instead chose to open a new car dealership in a major SCRAM city. Ed Swanson and the entire 28 team moves to the truck series. And Tony Halpin decided SCRAM's "B" series better matches his current skill level, but vows a return to the big time someday.

A couple of new garages make their debut in 2017. The 7 team has been bought out by a Japanese consortium, who as brought in its own driver (Ki Nakashima) and introduced the Nissan brand to SCRAM. Fun-loving renegade driver Bobby Bergamesch is back! Absent the last few seasons while he tried to make it as a country music star, he'll be driving the 0, a budget-conscious team fueled mostly by passion for racing. Another low-budget crew was cobbled together just before race season, assigned number 55. This group gathered together a trio of free-agent drivers: Scott Steckel (made expendable at the 5 team when Denny Baker was made "top dog"), Rod Phillips (fired from the 3 after clashing with team driver/owner Exham) and youngster Graeme Pleasant. None of these teams is expected to challenge for the title, but they'll no doubt add some spice to Race Week!

The SCRAM rookie class looks a little thin for 2017. We've already mentioned Aaron Hartley in the 6, and Ki Nakashima—technically a "rookie," despite several years racing outside SCRAM—who'll pilot the 7. Nick Fenstermacher takes over for Russ O'Casey in the fading 41 (O'Casey was not renewed, and is now with the 11 team), and Justin Mahler will get some time in the 44 cockpit, occasionally spelling Fred Shaver.

There's an updated 2017 SCRAM Driver Bio sheet included with your cards which will detail all these changes, if you're interested in keeping track of them. And you also get a suggested SCRAM 2017 Race Schedule, which consists of 32 events.

SO—"Are ya ready for some racin'?" The 2017 SCRAM card set will provide an entire season of open-ended "what's gonna happen NEXT?" stock car racing fun and excitement—don't be surprised if you stay up later than you should some nights, just to see who wins a race! (Trust us, we've heard the stories!) Best of all, you get all that high-speed drama and thrills for just $16 postage-paid! Questions? Just e-mail us! NOW AVAILABLE!