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Welcome to the 2019 season of SCRAMStock Car Racing America—RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game's fictional stock car racing organization! NOW AVAILABLE!

The premise behind all our fictional card sets is that sometimes it's fun for sports board gamers to play out an open-ended scenario, where you're creating your OWN sports history, rather than re-creating it from what happened in real-life. With this set of SCRAM driver cards, you can watch your own personal stock car racing season unfold, with all the drama, excitement and unpredictability of REAL stock car racing!

This is the eighth consecutive year for SCRAM, and many PLAAY Gamers have conducted full race schedules all eight years! Our hope for this update is that it will generate another season of memorable table-top "moments!" There's enough new and different stuff going on to keep things fresh and interesting, but plenty of continuity, too. It'll be, we think, a very comfortable and familiar progression for SCRAM fans moving from 2018 to 2019.

If you're new to SCRAM, we want you to know that it's loosely patterned after the current pro stock car scene, designed to generate a similar distribution of results. However, it's a totally distinct entity. These are unique racing personalities, and we feel strongly that after running a few races, you'll begin to develop a real affinity for them as "your guys." Don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to your race fan friends about Stu Yurich, Ray Bob Walker and the Pettis brothers Jordy and Kevin as if they were real racing stars! To YOU, they WILL be!

With that in mind, here are some of the highlights of the brand-new 2018 SCRAM Season card set...

Sample card from 2019 SCRAM Season for RWBR

In recent seasons, a posse of Young Guns has grabbed a lot of attention in SCRAM circles: Julee Justus has frequently found her way to Victory Lane, picking up fans by the truck-load. Trevor Trostel, Kerry Cacciola, Clark Snook, and—last year—Aaron Hartley, are some of the other new names that have quickly become SCRAM fan favorites in recent seasons. "But wait—there's MORE!" For 2019, a couple more newcomers are poised to make their presence felt on the SCRAM asphalt. Noah Fralix and Matt Bush each had impressive seasons in the 2018 SCRAM B-Series, and both move up to the Big Time for the new season. Taking their cue from this trend, Justin Mahler gets a vote of confidence from a brand new garage (the 11 team), itself run by a younger, hungry ownership team of dot-com millionaires.

The BIG news, though, is that the SCRAM Youth Movement caught the attention of TV executives, and after some closed-door deal-making, SCRAM enters 2019 with a brand new, big-dollar TV contract! (You'll see the effect of the extra TV time with an increase in TV results for key SCRAM events.)

All this talk about young drivers shouldn't lead you to believe that the established drivers from SCRAM's earlier days have vacated the premises. Wayne Montana, for one, seems hell-bent on putting the kids in their place! In a series of off-season TV interviews, Montana was clearly irritated by all the fuss over the younger drivers in general, Julee Justus in particular. Strident in his support of veteran drivers like Pete MacAtee and Ray Bob Walker, Montana unabashedly predicted an Old School Comeback in 2019. Does he have an axe to grind? Uh, apparently. Does he have what it takes to prove his point? YOU'LL have the fun of watching how THAT plays out, with your own copy of the 2019 Stock Car Racing America cards for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game!

Then there's the rags-to-riches story of 30-something Erv Wagonseller: an out-of-nowhere hire from a non-descript small-time southern training ground, he'll spend time behind the wheel of the 49 team going up against his life-long SCRAM heroes! And Snake Wickham brings his near-folk hero status back to SCRAM tracks in 2019, the face of this year's small-time outfit, manned/moneyed by a race-fan family. Snake's 67 won't make the cut very often, and when it does, it's a crap shoot whether he'll even finish the race—but they'll have a lot of fun (and burn through a lot of money) doing it!

Sample card from 2019 SCRAM Season for RWBR

Several other SCRAM stories continue to unfold. Geoff Daly Jr. seems to have put behind him last year's confidence-draining wreck (which left Buck Trimble seriously injured), and has looked like his old self again. The 95 team has doled out the dinosaur dollars to provide all the tools and support necessary for Brooks Billovich to make a serious run for the points title. Randy Kendrick got a similar (though somewhat smaller) sponsor boost with the 36. Kevin Pettis—known more recently as the "other Pettis brother"—came out of the off-season looking sharp, fit, and ready to race. This might be the year his brother Jordy assumes the role of the "other brother." Jordy Pettis had a troublesome offseason, with some internal friction between him and his 17 team. As a result a third of the team bolted en masse for the new 11 team, and several more were lured away by the 95 team. That takes a lot of the sting out of the Black Widow Ford's bite and leaves Pettis scrambling for help entering the new season.

But Jordy Pettis isn't the only SCRAM star with a cloudy outlook for 2019. Tom Rossi's transition to the 24 team made for a lot of buzz in 2018 but didn't result in many points in the standings. It doesn’t help that Rossi's replacement at the 92 team, Parnell Drake, had his best year ever in 2018, and enters 2019 with a lot of optimism for competing for the championship. To say Rossi is at a career crossroads might not be overstating things. Meanwhile, Kenny Hicks keeps slinging one-liners, but fans and sponsors are getting antsy about the lack of production on the track. Veteran Donnie Schrupp and one-time rising star Nick Fenstermacher both find themselves on the outside looking in for 2019, neither was offered a contract. Long-time fan favorite Paul Chen called it quits, opting to focus on a career as a TV race analyst (indeed, he was immediately snapped up by the network for weekly SCRAM insider coverage!).

That's just a sampling of the behind-the-scenes drama leading up to the 2019 SCRAM season! There's plenty of other unfinished business unfolding and new storylines emerging. There's an updated 2019 SCRAM Driver Bio sheet included with your cards which will detail all these changes and more, if you're interested in keeping track of them. And you also get a suggested SCRAM 2019 Race Schedule, which consists of 32 events. There have been a couple of changes to the schedule, the biggest of which is that the season will kick off at the Northern Lights Motordome with the Ice Brew 600. The recently-constructed Mason-Dixon Motor Speedway added even more seats to its already-behemoth dimensions, which resulted in a slight reduction of the track's oval dimensions: it will be a tougher venue in 2019, as SCRAM considers adding a second event to the track's schedule, possibly in 2020. Eastern Seaboard Speedway got a fresh resurfacing, making for a somewhat smoother ride than previous seasons and perhaps encouraging more late-race risk-taking.

SO—"Are ya ready for some racin'?" The 2019 Stock Car Racing America card set will provide an entire season of open-ended "what's gonna happen NEXT?" stock car racing fun and excitement—don't be surprised if you stay up later than you should some nights, just to see who wins a race! (Trust us, we've heard the stories!) Best of all, you get all that high-speed drama and thrills for just $19 postage-paid! Questions? Just e-mail us! Order YOUR copy!