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2020 SCRAM Season Cards for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'

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Welcome to the 2020 season of SCRAMStock Car Racing America—RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' Stock Car Action Game's fictional stock car racing organization! NOW AVAILABLE!

The premise behind all our fictional card sets is that sometimes it's fun for sports board gamers to play out an open-ended scenario, where you're creating your OWN sports history, rather than re-creating it from what happened in real-life. With this set of SCRAM driver cards, you can watch your own personal stock car racing season unfold, with all the drama, excitement and unpredictability of REAL stock car racing!

This is the eighth consecutive year for SCRAM, and many PLAAY Gamers have conducted full race schedules all eight years! Our hope for this update is that it will generate another season of memorable table-top "moments!" There's enough new and different stuff going on to keep things fresh and interesting, but plenty of continuity, too. It'll be, we think, a very comfortable and familiar progression for SCRAM fans moving from 2018 to 2019.

If you're new to SCRAM, we want you to know that it's loosely patterned after the current pro stock car scene, designed to generate a similar distribution of results. However, it's a totally distinct entity. These are unique racing personalities, and we feel strongly that after running a few races, you'll begin to develop a real affinity for them as "your guys." Don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to your race fan friends about Stu Yurich, Ray Bob Walker and the Pettis brothers Jordy and Kevin as if they were real racing stars! To YOU, they WILL be!

With that in mind, here are some of the highlights of the brand-new 2020 SCRAM Season card set...

Sample card from 2019 SCRAM Season for RWBR

As the new season dawns, fans are gearing up. Some drivers have gotten plenty of press during the off-season, and the sports call-in shows are buzzing. After so-so season in ’19, Jordy Pettis spent off-season fine-tuning his equipment and team, and insiders feel like the Black Widow Ford might well be the car to beat in 2020. But the Pettis "other brother," Kevin, has also made some noise, with a major sponsor signing and a fresh set of wheels--could there be TWO Pettises in the chase for the SCRAM Cup in '20?

Elsewhere, Geoff Daly, Jr. Fans are in frenzy over potential for a career year, they're calling 2020 the "Daly Double" year--regular season title AND chase championship! Guys like Ray Bob Walker, Jason Leonard and Clark Snook are looking solid. Wayne Montana made it a habit to rub some (many?) fans the wrong way, but if they were hoping he'd go away, that's not gonna happen. Julee Justus? She just keeps winning, and no SCRAM telecast EVER fails to get her on-camera, either before or after the race!

Some SCRAM standard-bearers, though, ARE starting to look a little long in the tooth. Tom Rossi leaves the 24 for a "better opportunity" (?) with the 5 team. It's been a steady career fade for "Disco Stu" Yurich, with lack of sponsor clamor starting to create problems. Pete MacAtee's off-season switch at crew chief was not without a few bumps. Randy Kendrick's too-good-to-be-true 2019 sponsor deal fell apart leaving him holding the bag for '19 bills! He's managed to get on the track for 2020—with a bare bones team and scant resources. Ditto (on the resources) for Mooch Thomas, Graeme Pleasant and Mark Forth—they'll be hard-pressed to make a top ten finish between them. (But they're still part of the SCRAM family!)

Sample cards from '2019 RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'

As the old guard gets older, SCRAM youngsters are making their mark. Montana's protege Cooper Mixson decided not to wait around for the old man to hang up his helmet, opting instead to take Rossi's place behind the wheel of the 24. Noah Fralix and Chuck Tufaro continue to establish themselves as go-to guys. Gober Sosebee sometimes seems like he'd rather knock someone into the wall than win the race, but he's fun to watch. Don't bother telling hot-shot rookie Paxton McClaren that he has much to learn—he ain't listening. And 2020 features the SCRAM debut of Joe Bob Walker! Ray Bob's nephew is NOT just a "name" hire, he's got skills! As in real pro racing, "time marches on..."

Other story lines to watch in 2020: Joey Plonka is in the last year of contract with the 73—will they have the $$$ to re-sign him in '21? The 73's "bet-hedger" is rookie Moon Dog Hamilton, highly regarded, fearless but wet behind the ears. An off-season change of heart from Kerry Cacciola's sponsors led to some pre-season scrambling, and the aftermath has raised some question marks. A blow-up at Desert Saguaro late last year sent Justin Mahler's pit crew scattering in off-season: things look murky in the garage for the 11 team in 2020.

There's an all new SCRAM team, the 00 (as in, "Uh-Oh, here they come!") all-women from board room to cockpit. Tandem drivers Aimee Serra and B-Series fixture Donna Tourville are the faces of the new team. The sponsors and top execs are clear about what they expect: WINS. And what about Monica Merrick? 00's organizers were conspicuous in NOT pursuing her, which some saw as a snub. Merrick's 22 team features a beefed up pit crew for the new season to—hopefully—win more races; the whispers are that she's running out of excuses.

And, in a final twist to the 2020 SCRAM story, TV sportscaster/SCRAM analyst Buddy Burdette gets a shot behind the wheel—some say it's a publicity stunt, Burdette says he's serious. He'll be allowed to race a few events in 2020—over protests of some (like Wayne Montana) that it presents safety hazard. This could make for some interesting headlines.

The SCRAM schedule will look a little different in 2020. The season opens in customary fashion at the Northern Lights Motordome (indoor racing in the upper midwest, in February!) and wraps up as usual in Texas with the Lone Star Financial 500. But in between, two new venues have been added to the circuit: the Garden State Speed Park in New Jersey, and the Western Frontier Motor Raceway out west. There's one fewer open weekend, and the late season races have been juggled around to make for easier travel and a compelling competitive mix of tracks.

So—are you ready to drop the checkered flag on another season of SCRAM racing? You get cards for 58 drivers (and four "bonus" blank cards to create your OWN drivers if you like), 20 track cards, a two-page driver detail summary with snapshot text for each driver, complete 32-event race schedule and an intro sheet for the whole shootin' match, all for just $21 postage-paid! Order YOUR copy TODAY!