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1976 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

By popular demand, we're going back to the 1970s for our latest classic pro football season! The 1976 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game is NOW AVAILABLE!

In 1976, with the nation in the midst of a year-long Bicentennial celebration (Dallas commemorated the event by switching one of its helmet stripes from blue to red), the mood was already festive as football season arrived. Opening weekend marked the '76 season as one to remember, bicentennial or not. Defending champion Pittsburgh traveled to Oakland for a rematch of the '75 conference championship game. With just over five minutes to play, Pittsburgh held a 28-14 lead and had the ball on the Oakland 19. But the Silver and Black defense forced the first of three turnovers in the game's final five minutes, and Oakland escaped with a stunning 31-28 win.

The Steel City squad rebounded to defeat Cleveland the following week, but lost its next three games to fall to 1-4. While Pittsburgh was losing, Cincinnati was winning and the two clubs faced each other in a cruical week six game that would essentially eliminate Pittsburgh from the divisional race with a loss. But Pittsburgh, with its rookie backup QB taking over for the injured veteran starter and a frenzied home crowd cheering non-stop, throttled the Bengals 23-6. From there, Pittsburgh continued to win, ten wins in a row, all the way to the Championship game—where they once again faced the Silver and Black, in Oakland. This time, Oakland didn't need any late-game heroics, rolling to an impressive 24-7 win and earning its first berth in the League Championship Super Game in a decade. There, they squared off against an over-achieving Minnesota squad (Minnesota had just one regular-season win over a team with a winning record), and promptly bolted to a 19-0 lead enroute to a 32-14 rout. For the year, the Oakland finished with a sterling 16-1 record, losing only at New England in the season's fourth week.

After nearly a decade with 26 teams, the pro league added two new clubs for 1976: Tampa Bay and Seattle. Most football fans know about Tampa's inaugural season: losses in all fourteen games and one of the least-effective offensive performances (120 points) of all time. Seattle fared little better in the won-loss column, but fielded a more respectable club, one which featured a quick-strike passing attack triggered by one of the league's rising-star young quarterbacks.

In fact, there was an emergence of new stars at the quarterback position league-wide. Baltimore's young signal caller was named league MVP in just his fourth season, making fans forget about Johnny U's heroics a decade earlier. New England's rookie quarterback was as much a threat with his legs as he was with his arm and sparked his club to its first winning record in a decade, first playoff berth since 1963. And there was a "changing of the guard" of sorts in Washington where the club's CFL refugee took over the offense after its gritty, aging veteran passer got banged up with assorted injuries and never relinquished his hold on the job.

The 1976 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON offers multiple options for football table game fun. You can relive the post-season and watch the best-of-the-best battle it out for supremacy. Perhaps in YOUR playoffs, Pittsburgh's winning ways will continue, or a different team makes it to the title game, say Dallas or Los Angeles. You can re-play "your" team's full season, from opener to finale, to see if perhaps you can do better. Or, set up a "Game of the Week" format, perhaps playing the real-life Monday Night Footbal schedule (with Alex Karras joining Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell in the booth for the '76 season!). Or just play whatever match-ups of teams that interests YOU! Whatever you do, you can count on SECOND SEASON to present a faithful re-creation of the real-life '76 pro football season.

Here's what you get with your copy of the 1976 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game: individual team cards for all 28 teams, each team with its top 40+ players, arranged in its most typical starting line-up. (Of course, you always have the flexibilty to make changes, and play the people YOU want to play!) Plus, you get individual ratings for an additional 100 or so "fringe players" who made lesser contributions to their teams during the '76 season. There's an Injury Exemption List, which you can implement to make sure that the year's top performers stay on the field for YOUR season (so you don't have to use the Fringe Players!). You also get an Instant Results Chart that lets you determine a game's winner with a single dice roll, perfect for re-creating the divisional and conference races for a single-team full-season replay! There's a 1976 season summary, with standings and notes. PLUS, as a special bonus, you get a fully-rated 1976 College All-Star team featuring the top players of the 1976 college football season, most of whom entered the pro league in '77! All this for just $29 postage-paid! Or, get the PDF edition for $21, delivered to your e-mail in-box presented in team colors ready for you to print and play the same day!

Either way, it's can't-miss, non-stop pro football fun whenever you want! Order YOUR copy TODAY!