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1980 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

Turn back the clock a few decades and re-live one of pro football's most exciting seasons, with the new 1980 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game, available NOW!

The 1980 season featured a number of fascinating story lines, starting before the season even began, when the league was dragged into court by the owner of the Oakland franchise, suing the league for damages due to its refusal to allow the team to relocate to Los Angeles. The season concluded with Oakland winning the league title, whereupon the commissioner of pro football found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to paste a smile on his face for the national TV cameras, and present the championship trophy to his courtroom adversary!

Lawsuits and ego clashes aside, this was one of the most exciting seasons of pro football ever played! A number of very close divisional races kept fans glued to their TV sets, and half the league's divisions (four of eight) ended the season with two clubs tied for the title. Cleveland won its first divisional title in almost ten years, and Atlanta won its first divisional title ever. Detroit, energized by it's super-rookie running back, lost its divisional title on tie-breakers, but its 9-7 mark was the club's first winning season since 1972. (Maybe your coaching will get them in the playoffs!) On the other end of the spectrum, fans in New Orleans wore paper bags on their heads as the hometown club stumbled to fourteen losses in a row, en route to a 1-15 finish.

Once the regular season concluded, the drama ratcheted up to the next level in the playoffs. In Cleveland, there was the infamous "Red Right 88" play call that Cleveland fans still rue. Atlanta entered the final quarter in its playoff game against Dallas with the game seemingly in hand, leading 24-10, but wound up losing 30-27. A divisional-round loss to Oakland signaled the end of the line for Houston's folksy coach in the cowboy hat. And a conference championship win over Minnesota put Philadelphia in position to earn its first league title in 20 years, facing that resurgent Oakland team led by their cast-off quarterback who'd had a Cinderella season.

With the 1980 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON, you get all 28 pro teams presented on double-sided team cards in classic black and white, over 1000 players individually rated for their real-life abilities. Plus, you get an additional 150 fringe players--players who had minimal contributions over the course of the season due to injury or limited playing time. You also get an Instant Results card, giving you the option of determining winners of games with a single dice roll--perfect for re-creating those exciting '80 divisional races while you conduct a single-team season replay. Everything you need to re-live this memorable pro season, for just $28! Or, get the PDF version, presented in team colors, for just $21 delivered directly to your e-mail box. Print, and play--and you're back to '80 in a hurry!

The 1980 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON revives the unforgettable action and fond memories of a landmark pro season, and provides YOU with unlimited football fun! Order YOUR copy NOW!