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2014 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

Every year, the release of the new pro football season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game is “the big deal” for us here at PLAAY Games. SECOND SEASON is our longest-tenured game, and there’s been a new pro season release every season since 1999—that’s sixteen consecutive years! Well, it’s that time again! Somebody cue Hank!—“Are you ready for some footballlllll!?”

Once again, the new Pro Season is presented in black and white printed team card or color PDF formats to suit your tabletop tastes. Either way, you’ll get access to virtually every pro player on all 32 pro teams, each one individually rated to perform on your tabletop like they did on the field last season. The prolific passers, ground-gouging runners, acrobatic pass-catchers, tough-as-nails linemen, hard-hitting linebackers and airtight cover DBs—along with all the “regular joes” and bench-warmers, too! (And, don’t forget the kicking specialists!) Everything you need to recreate last year’s exciting pro season, whenever and wherever you want!

There are always a few new twists and tweaks when we release the new cards, and this year is no different. We’ve given a “meltdown” dagger rating to one passer, something we’ve never done before, and one of the pro league’s top backs is rated to get better as the game goes on! Plus, it’s the first card set to incorporate some of the new ratings thresholds for our 4.0 game book, including the first AAAA inside runners, and the first kickoff specialists with a AA kickoff grade!

Re-live the high points of last year's campaign, culminating in your own close, hard-fought championship game--maybe you'll give the ball to "Beast Mode" from the one-yard line instead of...well, YOU know. Or, play out your favorite team’s season, and see if you can do better than the REAL coach did! There were several playoff near-misses in 2014, including Philadelphia and Buffalo in the east, Houston in the south and Kansas City and San Diego out west. With SECOND SEASON, you can give these clubs a second shot at playoff glory—do you have the coaching chops to get them over the hump?

You get YOUR favorite pro team, and all the other 31 pro teams, over 1300 players individually rated! And if that’s not enough for you, you also get another 200 “fringe players” ready for you to plug in at-will. Think the suspensions should be lifted for Minnesota’s start runner or Carolina’s hard-rushing DE? With SS, YOU’RE the commissioner, so let ‘em play, if you want. Or, give an injured player like St. Louis' "franchise" quarterback, Cleveland’s star center or New Orleans’ high-priced free-agent safety your own “miracle rehab” and get him back out on the field! Or, maybe you’ll choose to do an open-ended, “anything goes” season replay and will find injuries have suddenly left you desperately thin at one position or another needing help from a little-used rookie or fourth-stringer. Whatever you want to do, there are over 150 of these players rated for a season-long contribution should you decide you want to watch them play.

The 2014 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football gives you the entire pro league in all its glory, each team with it’s own players arranged in team card format, along with additional cards containing fringe player ratings, a season summary, injury-exempt list, and an instant results table by which you can determine winners of any match-up with a single dice roll. PLUS, for the third year in a row, you get a College All-Star team card, comprised of the top pro picks in the April '15 pro draft! We’ve revived the annual summer exhibition season kick-off game between the college stars and the pro champs—New England this season—and conducted our own official SS College All-Star Game in Cleveland, July 26th. New England trounced the All-Stars 16-3 in our game--maybe you can do better!

It’s unlimited football fun, for just $28! Or, get the PDF edition for just $21, presented in team colors and delivered to your e-mail box within 24 hours! Order YOUR copy NOW!