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2015 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

The free-agency window has come and gone, most of the college draft picks are signed, OTAs are ongoing—won't be long until it's time to strap on the pads for another pro football season! If you're ready, WE'RE ready, with the new 2015 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game team cards and PDF, NOW AVAILABLE!

The 2015 season marked the 50th edition of the "Big Game," and the closing scene couldn't have been written with more drama and flair. The well-loved "face of the league" super-star quarterback in the twilight year of his playing career, faced the up-and-coming "superman" quarterback of the new millennium. It was old-school vs. new, classic drop-back passer vs. X-factor athleticism, humble vs.brash—"They're an excellent football team" vs. "Hey, it ain't bragging if you can back it up!" It was a fitting story-line for the 50th installment of the nation's biggest sporting event.

Every football fan knows how it ended: Denver won, but not because its quarterback had a big day. Instead, Denver's dominating defense smothered the Carolina braggadocio, and allowed "The Sherriff" to ride off into the sunset with a championship trophy strapped next to him in the saddle. "Cue the theme music and roll the closing credits!"

But—maybe YOUR season will have a different ending! Perhaps on your tabletop, Cincinnati's playoff game meltdown won't happen, and it'll be an "All-Feline" title game, tiger stripes vs. black cats! Maybe New England's last-second two-point conversion attempt in the conference title game will succeed, and ultimately send IT to the championship! Or, Carolina's offense might get some traction or benefit from early breaks and create an entirely different ending to your 2015 season. There are dozens of other plausible scenarios—and with SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game, you just never know which one will play out on your game table!

What you DO know, though, is that however your season unwinds, you'll get an authentic rendition of 2015's world of professional football. Your Kansas City club will feature a close-to-the-vest run-oriented attack embellished by a hard-nosed defense. Can they put together the same impressive win streak they did in the real season? Pittsburgh's intense offense and New York's fly-to-the-ball "Gang Green" defense will probably make for the same playoff berth photo-finish that happened in real-life. Middle-of-the-pack teams like Washington, Philadelphia, Indianapolis and—yes—even Jacksonville, will benefit from favorable divisional alignments that will allow them to stay in contention deep into the season despite losing records. High-tension divisional battles between Green Bay and Minnesota, Arizona and Seattle, and others, will give you the same sense of anticipation that went along with the real-life match-ups! EACH of the pro league's 32 teams is at your command—from the league powers in Denver and Carolina to the also-rans in Tennessee and Dallas.

With the 2015 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Board Game, you get over 1200 players, each individually rated to perform for you like they did in real life. Stars like Denver's "Sheriff" and Carolina's "Superman" will perform on your game table similar to what they did on the football field, but the realism doesn't end there: every player on every team will offer the same level of realism, whether they made the all-pro team, or ended up in the sports talk show dog-house! Seven pro backs cleared the 1000 yard mark rushing in 2015, led by Minnesota's veteran runner who piled up almost 1500 yards. A whopping twenty-six pro wideouts amassed over 1000 yards receiving, with two of them (stars for Atlanta and Pittsburgh) nearly making it to 2000 yards! Young pass-rushers in Houston and Oakland terrorized enemy passers in '15. Each of these players will show the same ability on your game table. And you'll get to experience the arrival of one of the best classes of rookies the league has seen in a long time, highlighted by dueling "franchise" quarterbacks in Tennessee and Tampa Bay.

The 2015 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON puts at your command virtually every player who played professional football last season, each one individually rated to perform as they did in the 2015 season. Every team includes its top 50 or so players, and an additional varying number of "fringe players" who can be plugged into the action at your say-so. Think Houston might have moved a little further in the playoffs if its star running back hadn't been injured a couple games into the season? Suppose New Orleans' top two defensive backs had been healthy and available for 2015? Now you can find out! The 2015 Pro Season Fringe Player list includes projected "full season/healthy" ratings for these players and over a hundred others who had their contributions cut short for one reason or another.

On the subject of injuries, it's worth mentioning here that you'll also get an Injury Exempt card with your copy of the 2015 Pro Season, which outlines for each team the players who had "iron man" performances for the 2015 season. Nothing wreaks havoc on a season more than an extended injury to a key player—with the Injury Exempt list, you can legislate those kind of unpleasantries out from your tabletop experience. That is—if you WANT to! Many SECOND SEASON gamers prefer to let the injury list write itself as their season unfolds, using the Fringe Player list to fill the holes that are created. Use either approach, or create one of you own—It's completely up to you!

You'll also also get an Instant Results card, which will allow you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll, perfect for quickly re-creating divisional and conference races to accompany a full play-through of your favorite team's season. There's a season summary that chronicles in brief form what happened over the course of the real 2015 season. And, for the fourth year in a row, we've included a 2015 College All-Star team, reminiscent of the real-life squads that were assembled to face the reigning pro champion to kick off the summer exhibition season in the 1950s through '70s. You can kick off your OWN pro football season in classic style, with the College All-Stars taking on Denver, or whomever you'd like to match them up against! These are the players who'll be struggling to make pro rosters in the dog-days of training camp just ahead--you can watch them in action right now! It's nostalgic football fun, un-restricted by the demands and requirements of big money professional sports.

The 2015 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game gives you the entire pro football universe of teams and the above-mentioned extras in classic black and white printed team cards for just $29 postage-paid! Or get the PDF edition for $21, presented in team colors, delivered to your e-mail box, print-and-play the same day! NOW AVAILABLE!