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2019 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

For the twenty-first season in a row, SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game asks the question: "are you ready for some football!?" If the answer is "yes," you can re-live last year's exciting pro football season on your tabletop, with the 2019 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game, NOW available!

The real-life 2019 pro football season saw one of the most memorable "worst-to-first" re-births in the league's 100-year history, as San Francisco rebounded from a 4-12 last-place finish in 2018 in which they surrendered 435 points to a league-best 13-3 mark in 2019 spearheaded by the league's best defense. The Niners breezed into pro football's "Big Game" by punishing Minnesota and Green Bay with double-digit playoff defeats and held a ten-point lead against Kansas City with just nine minutes to play. Suddenly, KC's penchant to score-at-will spoiled the Cinderella story—three straight touchdowns erased the San Francisco lead and gave Kansas City the title of pro football champion for 2019. But despite the loss, the west coast club could look back on a magnficent turnaround season.

Of course, your season could turn out differently—perhaps San Francisco HOLDS that lead in YOUR version of the Big Game. Or, maybe you have entirely different teams as your championship contenders. TheThat's the fun of sports simulation replays--a couple different bounces of the ball and everything can change!

With the 2019 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Board Game, you get over 1200 players, each individually rated to perform for you like they did in real life. Baltimore's MVP quarterback will display the same abilty to create touchdowns with his arm and his legs as he showed in real-life. Tennessee's top power-runner will churn for yards, while New Orleans' "Can't Stop Mike" go-to wide reciever will pile up the pass receptions at a record pace. Each of these guys will find resistance, though, when they face top defenses, like those in New England or San Francisco. Prolific passers will show the same stuff in SECOND SEASON, too—assuming they can stay out of the way of pass rush terrors in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, who will bring the heat while you watch. Can't miss kickers in Jacksonville and Minnesota will have the same "automatic" accuracy for you! And Detroit and Indianapolis' kick return units will provide sudden-impact touchdown ability, just as they did in real-life. The game's biggest stars—offense, defense and special teams—will perform on your game table similar to what they did on 2019's real-life football fields!

But the realism isn't limited to just the stars: every player on every team will offer a high level of realism, whether they made the all-pro team, or ended up in the sports talk show dog-house! You'll need a strong spirit to take the coaching reins of the Cincinnati club, with a distinct absence of play-makers on both sides of the ball. Pittsburgh muddled through an 8-8 season that statistics say should have been a lot better, if not for the loss of its franchise QB early on. Los Angeles was in the championship game in 2018, but fell off dramatically last year. You'll experience the same sense of frustration with their SECOND SEASON counterparts, and maybe gain insight as to what exactly went wrong.

The 2019 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON puts virtually every player who played professional football last season at your command, each one individually rated to perform as they did in the actual 2019 season. Every team includes its top 50 or so players, and an additional varying number of "fringe players" who can be plugged into the action at your say-so. Washington's season was marked by the year-long contract hold-out of its star offensive tackle. But with SECOND SEASON, you can re-wind the clock, "show him the money" and get him back in the game! Carolina and Chicago suffered through down seasons—it might not have happened, though, had they each not lost their star defensive tackle to injury. Want to wave the magic wand and make them healthy for the season? You can! The 2019 Pro Season Fringe Player list includes projected "full season/healthy" ratings for these players and over a hundred others who had their contributions cut short for one reason or another.

On the subject of injuries, it's worth mentioning here that you'll also get an Injury Exempt card with your copy of the 2019 Pro Season, which outlines for each team the players who had "iron man" performances for the 2018 season. Nothing wreaks havoc on a season more than an extended injury to a key player. With the Injury Exempt list, you can legislate those kind of unpleasantries out from your tabletop experience. That is, if you WANT to! Many SECOND SEASON gamers prefer to let the injury list write itself as their season unfolds, using the Fringe Player list to fill the holes that are created. Use either approach, or create one of you own. It's completely up to you!

Your 2019 Pro Season package includes a concise season summary that chronicles in brief form what happened over the course of the real 2019 season. You'll also also get an Instant Results card, which will allow you to determine winners of games with a single dice roll, perfect for quickly re-creating divisional and conference races to accompany a full play-through of your favorite team's season. And, for the eighth year in a row, we've included a 2019 College All-Star team, reminiscent of the real-life squads that were assembled to face the reigning pro champion to kick off the summer exhibition season in the 1950s through '70s. You can kick off your OWN pro football season in classic style, with the College All-Stars taking on Kansas City, or whomever you'd like to match them up against! These are the players who'll be pushing hard to make pro rosters in the dog-days of training camp—you can watch them in action right now! It's a fun combination of nostalgia and modern-day football fun, un-restricted by the demands and requirements of today's big money professional sports.

The 2019 Pro Season for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game gives you the entire pro football universe of teams and the above-mentioned extras in classic black and white printed team cards for just $33 postage-paid!* Or get the PDF edition for $21, presented in team colors, delivered to your e-mail box, print-and-play the same day! Order YOUR copy TODAY! Questions? Let us know! We're always happy to help!

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