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Alternate League Seasons for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

We've always been a fan of alternative pro football leagues, and are pleased to offer some top seasons from several of the best-known of them. Each of the players and teams in these league seasons are rated relative to the NFL of the same era, for realistic inter-league play, if desired! Of course, they're fun to play against themselves--it's like having a time-machine TV set that lets you tune into the action of these (mostly)well-loved but long defunct pro football leagues...

2001 XFL

In 2000, the NBC television network was without pro football. They'd lost their rights to broadcast games in the 1990s, out-bid by CBS, and had been unable since to get a new package. So, when the Czar of Pro Wrestling proposed a new rival football league, NBC was eager to jump in and help. Thus was born the XFL, an eight-team league that began play in the spring of 2001, just days after the established league concluded its championship game. The original premise was to position the established league as being "sissified," and to borrow the testosterone-fueled theatrics of pro wrestling to present the XFL as REAL, "tough guy" football. The league drew a huge audience for the opening weekend, but football fans were turned off by the wrestling-like trappings of the broadcast, and ratings plummeted. By mid-season, NBC and the XFL had realized the error of the "tough guy" bluster and put the emphasis back on football only. But by then, nobody was watching. What fans missed out on in the second half of the only XFL season ever was a decent brand of blue-collar football, produced by players and coaches who were in it because they loved the game. SECOND SEASON'S 2001 XFL set contains all eight XFL teams, along with statistics, scores, team summaries and player detail, and sells for $12. With only eight teams and a ten-game regular season, it's a fast and easy full-season table-top replay project--and FUN, too! This season is available by special order, contact us for information.

1984 USFL

Most pro football fans know the background of the United States Football League, the most successful alternative pro football league since the AFL of the 1960s. The USFL was founded in 1982 after an extensive research project showed that America's appetite for pro football was so strong, fans would follow it year-round. And, indeed they did! After a successful debut season in 1983, the league added six new teams for the 1984 season, and embarked on a bold plan to sign major college talent to USFL rosters. The league ultimately ran out of patience--and money--and folded after the conclusion of the 1985 season. Additionally, there was friction between owners over a proposed move from the spring to the fall season, and going head-to-head with the established league. The league's "successful" anti-trust suit--which netted the USFL a check for all of $3--is well-known, and some say a fitting epitaph. But the 1984 season stands out as the league's pinnacle year, with exciting division races, numerous notable rookie debuts, and many stellar individual player performances. SECOND SEASON'S 1984 USFL set contains all eighteen USFL teams presented in team sheet format, along with a brief season summary, and sells for $17. A number of pro football hall of fame-ers wore USFL uniforms in 1984--now you can watch them in action again! Order YOUR copy!

1974 WFL

In the summer of 1974, with the established league in the throes of a player strike, a new rival league launched operations--the World Football League. Featuring twelve teams clad in gaudy uniforms and implementing a number of rules innovations designed to open up the game, the WFL debuted to huge crowds and much fanfare. Once the established league settled its labor problems, though, things quickly began to go south for the new league. Embarrassingly under-funded and shockingly disorganized, the WFL's teams began to shift cities and its players began to miss paychecks. Two teams (Jacksonville and Detroit) folded before the season ended, and a third (Chicago) elected not to play the playoff game it had earned because the owner felt it was a waste of time and money. Still, the league DID complete the season. And its rosters featured numerous recognizable names from the established league who--despite the untenable situation--played like pros and delivered respectable performances. SECOND SEASON'S 1974 WFL set contains all twelve WFL teams presented in team sheet format, along with statistics, scores, team summaries and player detail, and sells for $15. It's "That '70s League" all over again! Order YOUR copy!