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College Football "Colossus Series ONE" for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game

We're excited to present our very first collection of college football teams for SECOND SEASON Football! The first edition of our "College Football Colossus Series" includes team cards representing sixteen undefeated, national champion college football teams from the past 30 years: 2010 Alabama Blue, 2009 Alabama, 2005 Big Texas, 2002 Ohio Classic, 2001 Big Miami, 2000 Big Oklahoma, 1999 Florida Classic, 1998 Big Tennessee, 1997 Big Michigan, 1995 Big Nebraska, 1991 Big Washington, 1988 Our Lady of Indiana, 1986 Penn Classic, 1984 Young Utah, 1981 South Carolina Orange and 1980 Big Georgia. (Pseudonyms used to protect the trademark rights of the academic institutions.) NOW AVAILABLE!

SECOND SEASON football has been around for over thirty years, but we've held off making college teams for a number of reasons. One of them was potential licensing issues arising from the use of the names of the academic institutions themselves, which are trademarked. We've come up with a solution for that in the nomenclature for this set. Another reason we held off rating college teams in years past has largely been dismissed in recent years: availability of statistics. Back in the 1980s and '90s, there was great difficulty obtaining comprehensive, consistent individual and team statistics for college football. With the age of the internet, of course, that problem has gone away to a large extent. Finally, the elusiveness of a standard by which all college football teams can be rated has played a large part in our hesitancy to create college teams. We devoted some time to praparing an approach for this which we believe can be used comprehensively for possible future college sets. In any case, it's much less of an issue with a collection like this, a group of undefeated national champions, all of whom played a similar strength of schedule and proved their mettle in a season-ending high-profile bowl game. So, we've cleared all three hurtles with this set and we're eager for college football fans to get it on their game tables!

Each team has been rated using the classic time-tested SECOND SEASON methodology. Every player is rated individually, based on his real-life contribution to the team. The star passers will light it up, the game-breaking wideouts will make the big plays, the heavy-duty runners will churn out yardage—tempered of course by the hulking defensive linemen, play-making linebackers and ball-hawking secondary defenders who might be on the other side of the ball! These are epic teams from college football's rich history, so many of your match-ups will be of the "unstoppable force meets immovable object" variety.

However, although these are great teams, they're not without flaws. You'll experience this aspect, as well. Some of these teams rely on overpowering run games, but if put in a position where they must pass, their quarterbacks will perform at the same (in)efficiency as real-life. Others have problematic kicking games or offensive lines or pass-catching groups that are better than average, certainly, but not elite level. And then there are potential injuries: will your favorite college team have the depth needed to overcome the loss of a star player? And when it's all said and done, who'll wind up on top of YOUR all-time college football rankings? Only one way to find out—line 'em up on your game table and let the battles begin!

This epic college football team collection will get its inauguration under fire during the second day of our upcoming virtual convention, with an event we're calling the Ultimate College Football Bowl Game Series. Over 50 PLAAY Gamers have been assigned a bowl game venue, will choose a team from this collection, and go head-to-head, calling the plays and making the tough decisions. It'll be an entire afternoon of "what-if?" college football fantasy bowl match-ups. At the end, we'll tabulate the wins and losses and name our very own National Champion for the Ages! (Or, at least until NEXT year's convention!)

The College Football Colossus Series ONE collection is available in two formats. The hard-copy version is printed in vibrant team colors on 80 lb exact coated gloss stock in our new upgraded graphic layout, printed and shipped $29 postage-paid.* Or, get the PDF edition for $16, also in team colors, and print-and-play the same day! Either way, it's your chance to re-live some of college football's greatest moments in a whole NEW way! Order YOUR copy TODAY!

Questions, comments? Let us know. We're always happy to help!

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