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2016-17 English Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game

The action never ends with world's greatest professional soccer league, when you've got the 2016-17 English Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Simulation Board game! NOW AVAILABLE!

As is always the case, there were plenty of compelling stories told at the premier level of the 2016-17 English football season. At the top of the table was a familiar name: Chelsea locked up the season championship with two games remaining on the schedule, its fifth League title, and sixth English title. But Chelsea wasn't the only club playing outstanding football. Indeed, the season was dominated by a half-dozen very strong clubs, five of them posting 20 or more victories. Defending champions Leicester City, though, wasn't one of them: LC saw a fading of fortune from last year's Cinderella season, finishing 2016-17 in the middle of the standings. It was one of a number of English football clubs who played acceptably well at times, but not consistently well enough to challenge for the crown. Also notable for 2016-17, Middlesbrough played top-tier football for the first time since the 2008-09 season. But its stay at the summit of pro soccer was brief after a season that saw them post just five wins.

You'll get 20-30 player cards for every team that competed in England's top football league, all 20 of them from Chelsea to Sunderland. Each team features individual cards for every player who played more than a half-dozen games, over 400 cards in all, printed in team colors. Every card is put together in a way that represents the player's actual 2016-17 contribution, whether it was award-winning, undistinguished, or anywhere in between. The prolific goal-scorers like Kane, Lukaku and Sanchez will demonstrate the same proficiency on YOUR tabletop! They'll be reined in—at least some of the time—by top defenders like Rose, Cahill, Walker and Luiz. And the great keepers like de Gea, Courtois and Lloris, will be just as tough to score upon in your card stock re-creation of pro football as they were in real-life.

Here's your chance to experience all over again the ups and downs, high points and low, of the memorable 2016-17 pro season! If you're a fan of Tottenham, Chelsea's closest competitor for the crown, perhaps you can re-write football history with a different ending? Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal all had splendid real-life seasons, maybe you'll provide the missing piece of strategy or fortuitous bounce of the football that will send one of them even higher in the table! Or, if you relish a challenge, see if you can extend Middlesbrough, Hull City or Sunderland's stay at the top level by squeezing out a couple more points, enough to avoid relegation. The 2016-17 English Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST gives fans of any and every English top-tier club the opportunity to re-boot and possibly improve upon your football club's campaign. (It works the other way, too, though, so—beware!)

Along with your set of individual player cards, you'll also get a brief season summary and an Instant Results Grid with which you can quick-play fixtures with a single roll of the dice. It's perfect for creating context in a single-team season replay. Or, conduct a "game-of-the-week" campaign, with a different pair of clubs featured each week and quick-play the others. With SOCCER BLAST's fast game time, projects like these can be accomplished in a matter of weeks!

The 2016-17 English Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game puts the top English football league at your command whenever you're ready for it—all the fun and excitement of big-time football, catered to your personal preferences, on your schedule! Unlimited action on the pitch, for just $28 postage-paid.* Or, get the PDF edition for $21, delivered to your e-mail box, print and play the same day! Order YOUR copy!

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