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2017 North American Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST

Sample card from '17 North American Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST

The latest edition of North America's fastest-growing sport hits your tabletop soon, with the 2017 North American Pro League cards for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game! NOW AVAILABLE!

With the 2017 North American Pro League cards for SOCCER BLAST, you'll be able to realistically re-create the memorable 2017 season from start-to-finish...

Two new clubs joined the league as expansion franchises, representing Atlanta and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Atlanta's club was an immediate hit both on the field (winning record and playoff berth) and at the gate—it led the league in attendance, averaging almost 50,000 fans per game! Minnesota's new team also achieved respectable levels of success in both departments. Both the league Cup and Shield titles were won by Toronto, the first Canadian team to accomplish the feat. Toronto's club was a dominant one, it lost at home only once all year! You can expect this club to perform with the same championship acumen on your game table with SOCCER BLAST! Not that they won't occasionally be tested: defending 2016 champion Seattle returned to the Cup game (vs. Toronto), and a dozen or so clubs showed enough competitive fire to be taken seriously as contenders. Meanwhile two of last year's winningest teams, Dallas and Colorado, each struggled. You'll get all twenty-two North American pro clubs, the winners, hopefuls and also-rans, in this new, colorful card set for SOCCER BLAST!

Each player is represented with his own card, designed to re-create his actual real-life 2017 performance. A trio of top scorers battled it out for the league's "Golden Boot" award: Chicago's Nikolic, Portland's Valeri and New York City's Villa each found the net more than 20 times in 2017, with Nikolic ultimately earning honors for his 24 scores. You can expect the same sort of spirited battle for your own scoring leader award. Vancouver's Montero will show off his prowess with headers, while Toronto's Giovinco was so prolific at scoring goals from free kicks (he scored seven times!) that we gave him a special rating to ensure that he's the same threat on your tabletop as he was on the pitch! Seattle's Feri, Toronto's Bono and Kansas City's Melia will be among the keepers most difficult to score against, and defenders like Kansas City's Opara and Besler, Dallas' Hedges and New York City's Ring will make it hard on strikers, too. And, oh yes, those players who were handed yellow and red cards in real-life—like Los Angeles' Van Damme and New England's Kouassi—will show the same unruly disposition on your tabletop! In all, over 450 players will show their stuff: from the consensus all-stars to the seldom-used subs!

With the 2017 North American Pro Season cards for SOCCER BLAST, you can re-live this exciting season in whatever format suits your tabletop availability. You can re-play your favorite team's season, perhaps guiding your guys to the title game! With SOCCER BLAST's fast game time, a 34-game single-team season can be completed in a matter of weeks. Or, pick up the season at the start of the playoffs and paint your own playoff picture. You get over 450 players, each represented with his own unique individual card, printed in team colors. You also get a league summary and an Instant Results card that lets you generate winners of matches with a single dice roll—perfect for recreating the league standings week-by-week as your single team replay unfolds!

The 2017 North American Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer game sells for $30 postage-paid, printed in team colors on micro-perforated card stock. Or get the PDF version for $21, and print and play the same day! NOW AVAILABLE!