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2018 World Soccer Cards for SOCCER BLAST

Lionel Messi's Argentina card for SOCCER BLAST's 2018 World Soccer set

Every four years, the world's most prestigious soccer event happens—the World Cup! This year's competition will be held in June, with 32 teams from all over the glob squaring off for the title of World Champion! But—how would you like to be able to conduct your OWN World Cup, before the real thing happens? Well, this year, you'll be able to! Announcing the 2018 WC Projection Set for SOCCER BLAST! All 32 Cup teams, rated on recent historical performance, presented in team colors, in a fresh, new, card design that's 33% larger than our standard game cards! NOW AVAILABLE!

This is a "premium" card set, printed on 80 lb, semi-gloss finished card stock, digitally printed in vibrant, national colors. The player ratings were created by Matt Kulikosky, renowned community-wide for the great job he did with his 2014 home-brewed set. We commissioned Matt early this year to create the ratings for these cards in time to have them on people's game tables a month or so before the actual games begin. So now, when soccer mania grips the globe (as it always does during the World Cup), you'll be able to play along on your own game table!

The 2018 World Cup Projection Set will include 23 players for each of the 32 competing teams—that's over 700 players in all. Each player's card is designed to replicate his actual abilities on the pitch. The cards will include a usage rating to give you an idea of how the players are likely to be used in real-lfie competition, but you're free to arrange your line-ups however you wish! Re-arrange the brackets, too, if you like—with SOCCER BLAST, YOU'RE in charge as the world soccer czar!

Each team is also given a "team quick-play" card for use with our new soccer Instant Results table, which will allow you to quick play tournament games—and generate final scores—with a single dice roll! You can play the entire group stage round this way and quickly determine your final sixteen. Or, your final four, or two! Quick-play as much or as little as you like, the Instant Results mode assures that you'll get more game time with the match-ups that interest you!

In short, it's all the excitement and anticipation of World Class football on the global stage, captured on your tabletop! Sound like fun? It WILL be!

The 2018 World Cup Projection Set sells for $59 postage-paid* and will be NOW AVAILABLE! Please NOTE that this is a limited edition card set: it will only be available through July 15, 2018.

* Postage-paid for domestic delivery; international delivery requires additional postage.