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2019-20 English Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game

new style cards for SOCCER BLAST

The 2019-20 English Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game puts the top English football league at your command whenever you're ready for it! Unlimited, top-level football action on your tabletop—anytime! NOW AVAILABLE!

Like every world sports organization, the 2019-20 Top English Pro League saw its season interrupted by the world wide pandemic. On March 13th, the league suspended operations, resuming play on June 17th. (Of course, you won't have to take a break in YOUR socially-distanced season!) Originally, we planned to create a card set based entirely on pre-lockdown results. However, aside from a couple of anomalies, the pre- and post-lockdown results were consistent enough that the two segments could be melded into a single card set that realistically reflects the entire 2019-20 season.

The league champion was decided extraordinarily early: Liverpool started the season with eight consecutive wins and clinched the league title with seven games left to play (it's first championship since 1990), the earliest-ever for a top-league champion. It also set records for the biggest points lead during a season, 25, and for most consecutive wins at home, 24 (winning the last seven home games of 2018-19 and the first seventeen of 2019-20). Liverpool extended their margin at the top of the table to eight points with a 3-1 win over Man City in November and never relinquished it.

The 2019-20 season had an assortment of exciting punctuation marks. In October, Leicester City tied the league record for biggest margin of victory (and set a new record for the largest-ever margin by a visiting team) in a 9-0 blowout of Southampton. Man City came close, shellacking Watford 8-0 in September-City scored five goals in the first eighteen minutes of play in that one. It was triggered, in part, by having been victim of one of the biggest upsets of the year, a 3-2 loss to Norwich City, just-promoted from the lower tier league. For Norwich, that win, along with a 1-0 win over Leicester City, proved to be the highlights of its season, which produced just three other victories and a rapid relegation. Aston Villa narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season, with a 1-1 draw vs. West Ham. That sent Bournemouth and Watford packing, along with Norwich.

You'll get cards representing players for every team that competed in England's top football league in 2019-20, all 20 of them from Arsenal to Wolverhampton. Each team features individual cards for every player who played more than a half-dozen games, over 400 cards in all, printed in team colors (see above). Every card is put together in a way that represents the player's actual 2019-20 contribution, whether it was award-winning, undistinguished, or anywhere in between. The prolific goal-scorers like Vardy, Aubameyang, Ings and Sterling will demonstrate the same proficiency on YOUR tabletop! The great assist guys like De Bruyne, Salah and Robertson will show the same stuff for you that they did for their real-life clubs. They'll be reined in—at least some of the time—by top defenders like van Dijk, Soyuncu and Wan-Bissaka. And, of course, players like Dunk, Traore and Alexander-Arnold will be players dangerous on both ends of the pitch! Meanwhile, the elite goal keepers like Pope and Ederson will be just as tough to score upon in your card stock re-creation of football as they were in real-life.

Here's your chance to experience all over again the ups and downs, high points and low, of the unprecedented 2019-20 pro season! While it will pretty difficult to dislodge Liverpool from the top of your table, you likely could change relegation history with your own results. Norwich City is largely doomed, but a three to five-way battle to avoid the final two relegations could well break out on your tabletop! Top, middle or bottom of the table, the 2018-19 English Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST gives fans of any and every English top-tier club the opportunity to re-boot and possibly improve upon your football club's campaign. (It works the other way, too, though, so—beware!)

Along with your set of individual player cards, you'll also get a brief season summary and an Instant Results Grid with which you can quick-play fixtures with a single roll of the dice. It's perfect for creating context in a single-team season replay. Or, conduct a "game-of-the-week" campaign, with a different pair of clubs featured each week and quick-play the others. With SOCCER BLAST's fast game time, projects like these can be accomplished in a matter of weeks! It's all the fun and excitement of big-time English football, catered to your personal preferences, on your schedule!

The action never ends with world's greatest professional soccer league when you've got the 2019-20 English Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Simulation Board game! Just $29 postage-paid* or get the PDF edition for just $21, delivered to your e-mail in-box, print-and-play the same day! Order YOUR copy today!

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