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2019 North American Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST

Sample cards from 2019 North American Pro Season for SOCCER BLAST

The latest edition of North America's fastest-growing sport hits your tabletop, with the 2019 North American Pro Season cards for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game! NOW AVAILABLE!

With the 2019 North American Pro League cards for SOCCER BLAST, you'll be able to realistically re-create the memorable 2019 season from start-to-finish...

The league added another club in 2019, bringing professional soccer to Cincinnati. The expansion club didn't win many games—six to be exact—but it finished third in the league in attendance, averaging nearly 30,000 fans per game. (Atlanta and Seattle were the league's best-attended clubs.) LA City set a new league record of 72 points, losing just four times in 34 games. NY City was similarly successful, with 64 points and just six defeats. It looked like it would be a showdown of east coast/west coast behemoths, but those plans were thwarted by Toronto and Seattle in the league's newly-streamlined, single-elimination playoff format. The championship game was played in Seattle, facing Toronto for the third time in four years, and won by the home side 3-1 in front of a record crowd of 69,274 fans at CenturyLink Field. In all, a fitting conclusion to another upward-trending season of success for professional soccer in North America. You can read more about the 2019 North American pro soccer season here.

With the 2019 North American Pro Season cards for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer board game, each player is represented with his own card, designed to re-create his actual real-life 2019 performance. In the real-life season, the Golden Boot award battle came down to two Los Angeles stars, Vela and Ibrahimovic. LA City's strong-legged Vela took the title with an amazing 34 goals, Ibrahimovic netted 30. You can expect the same sort of week-to-week goal-scoring battle to happen on your tabletop. Ibrahimovic will show off his prowess with headers, while stars like Toronto's Pozuelo, Washington's Rooney and Russell from Kansas City will be your top threats on corner and free kicks, just as they were on the real-life pitch! Portland's Valeri and Moralez from NY City will make goal scoring easier for their team-mates with clutch assists. Minnesota's Mannone, Hamid from DC and Atlanta's Guzan will be among the keepers most difficult to score against, and defenders like Robinson (Atlanta), Opara (Minnesota) and Zimmerman (LA City) will make it hard on strikers, too. And, oh yes, those players who were handed yellow and red cards in real-life—like San Jose's Espinoza, Romero from New York, and DC's Arriola—will show the same unruly disposition on your tabletop! In all, over 550 players (our biggest set ever!) will show their stuff: from the consensus all-stars to the seldom-used subs!

You can re-live this exciting season with SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game in whatever format suits your tabletop availability. You can re-play your favorite team's season, perhaps guiding your guys to the title game! With SOCCER BLAST's fast game time, a 34-game single-team season can be completed in a matter of weeks. Or, pick up the season at the start of the playoffs and paint your own playoff picture. Each player is represented with an individual card, printed in team colors. You also get a league summary that includes standing and a list of players carded with more than one team, along with a Universal Instant Results matrix that lets you generate winners of matches (and scores) with a single dice roll—perfect for recreating the league standings week-by-week as your single team replay unfolds!

The 2019 North American Pro Season card set for SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer game sells for $36 postage-paid, printed in team colors on micro-perforated card stock. Or get the PDF version for $21, and print and play the same day! Order YOUR copy TODAY!

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