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COMING THIS FALL: New 4.0 Edition of COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Game

A couple years ago, we wrapped up work on a new, faster-playing version of SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game. NOW we're excited to announce that we're giving the same speed-up treatment to COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football Game, SECOND SEASON's Canadian "cousin!" Available November 13, 2017!

Over the years, many fans voiced a desire for SECOND SEASON to play faster. We often heard from folks who would say they were pleased with the game's realism and fun, but wanted it to be accomplished with less "page-flipping." So, in late 2012 we began a fairly in-depth study of the ergonomics of the game. We left the game engine alone—"if it ain't broke,don't fix it"—and simply focused on ways to re-work the arrangement of the existing game charts in such a way that would reduce the amount of cross-referencing.

There were a couple "false starts" but early in 2014, we came up with an approach that worked well. The 4.0 version of SECOND SEASON was released just after Christmas, 2014, and we've been extremely pleased with fan response. The COLD SNAP 4.0 adaptation will be powered by the same three new speed-up components...


One of the main topics of conversation about the old SS was the "page flipping." Thus, the first order of business was to carefully examine what events required page-turns, and to think about ways they might be reduced or eliminated. We found that the most common page turns were to look up unusual results, penalties and X gains. We calculated that this happened about every third or fourth play. We also noted that the effect is amplified on a few results. Take for example this sequence, (page turn in parentheses): Inside Run vs. Safe Defense (1), dice roll of 46, go to Unusual Results Chart (2); dice roll of 33, resulting in an XR gain (3), and a penalty (4). The XR gain result could generate another page turn (5), to the GO! chart.

Once we thought about the problem from that angle, the solution was fairly straightforward. We changed the scrimmage play pages from a single-page each to a facing double page layout, and created special columns on the facing page of each play setting for the aforementioned most-often referred-to secondary charts: X gains, GO! gains, Unusual Results, and penalties. With this new game book arrangement, most plays—like the one outlined above—can be fully resolved without ANY additional page turning, simply by moving left-to-right in your opened game book.

As you can imagine, results have been very gratifying. Not only are the results found more quickly, the whole experience is smoother and more enjoyable.


While the "one-and-done" game book re-locates the more frequently used secondary charts as part of the play pages, we went a step further by making some of the other non-scrimmage play charts more accessible through the use of optional double-sided, color card stock game boards. Kickoffs, placekicks, punts and returns can be resolved directly from one board, while the resolution of turnovers can be resolved on another. These "speed boards" convey play results only, minus the game book's descriptive text, and have been created as an optional, alternate method of resolving plays faster. For traditionalists, the original charts are still present inside the game book, with all the textual detail from previous editions, should you want to play the game at a more leisurely pace with richer detail.


For those who want to have an even faster game, we feel this idea is a literal "game changer." It's a deck of "instant results" cards which will make it possible for many gamers to play a full game with stats in around an hour. The cards are shuffled before the game, and the deck placed face-down next to the playing field. From time to time during the game, you can get an "instant" play result with no dice rolls or look-ups, by simply declaring "pass" or "run," and then drawing a card.

The philosophy behind the deck is simple and straightforward: it's a trade-off between detail and expedience. The deck replicates more or less average results in non-pivotal game situations—those times during a game where teams of any caliber are on mostly equal footing. As such, and to preserve the game's statistical accuracy, there are some fairly strong restrictions/limits on their usage, which are fully explained in the rules. The Instant Results deck is completely optional; you can use it a little, a lot, or not at all.


As you might guess, we're extremely enthusiastic about these new "speed-up" components! To be honest, we never felt like the ultimate goal of a football game was to see how quickly it could be finished, and many gamer's game times for playing the original game were what we felt to be reasonable, in the 75 to 90 minute range. However, we did want to do something to help folks who were finding themselves spending two or three hours playing a single game. We estimate that whatever your current time frame is for playing a complete game--whether its 90 minutes or three hours—your game time will be reduced by around 10% for each component used. If you use all three, we think you'll see your game time reduced by about a third.

Moreover, aside from the time savings, the new game book offers a better, smoother game experience. Most plays can be resolved with a single page turn—we're certain you'll be as pleased with these new game materials.


You'll be happy to know that the new edition of the game is 100% compatible with previous editions. That means you can play old teams with the new game, new teams with the old game, and so on. We want to reiterate: the game itself has not changed at all, only the presentation of the game has changed. Frankly, if you're pleased with the way your current game plays, there's really no need to purchase this new edition. Available November 13, 2017.