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2019 Update for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game

We're going to make a couple updates to the hockey game, our first changes to the game in three years. It won't be anything major—we're pretty happy with the game as-is, so the game itself is going to play exactly as it currently does. Mainly, we're going to tweak the rules and game components a little bit. Here's a list of everything we're planning to do...

  1. Add the new 3-on-3 Minutes pages that were first posted in the April newsletter. These have been really well-received. The new 3-on-3 Minutes pages Will be placed right after the EMPTY NET MINUTES pages in the game book.

  2. Add the quicker, clearer new penalty shot methodology to the game, this was also posted in the April newsletter.

  3. We're going to do some minor housekeeping inside the rules booklet, to include/revise the following:
    • Clarifying that the game board player/position codes should be home (black) and away (white), eliminating the reference to associating them with offense/defense.
    • Clarifying that during POWER PLAY Minutes, dice roll "4" should reward triangles and squares in addition to circles and circle stars.
    • Adding a stipulation that a game cannot end with the puck being frozen, your must conduct a final face-off.
    • Adding a clarifying note on NORMAL Minutes dice roll "11" specifying that team with two squares gains control of the puck (turnover).
    • Stipulating that when playing man-down, boxes 4 and 5 must be occupied (no yellow chip).

  4. We're going to make these minor changes to the game charts:
    • On the NORMAL minutes PLAY chart, we'll add the "pulled down from behind" penalty shot result (for modern seasons) for breakaway plays as detailed here.
    • On the EMPTY NET minutes Face-Off chart, dice roll "8" will be an IMMEDIATE PLAY for the man advantage team; dice roll "4" will be an automatic empty net goal for the short-handed team.
    • On the POWER PLAY Minutes Face-Off chart, an asterisk will be added to the text of dice rolls "4," "5" and "6" indicating that the power-play team wins face-off (not the short-handed team) IF at a two-man advantage.

  5. We're going to add "grid" style game boards and marker pawns to the base game (in addition to the standard game board) for people who want to play that way.

  6. Finally, we'll be adding a couple of new Advanced Options to the ideas already posted at the back of the rules booklet:
    • When a defenseman with a shot rating of scissors or double scissors gets a shot on a PLAY) not breakaway or rebound and gets an apparent goal, roll 1 die. If the die roll is a ONE, credit the goal to O1 on a deflection. If the die roll is TWO, credit O2, and die roll of THREE, credit O3. Otherwise, credit the defenseman with a goal.
    • On result "9," normal minutes, MOMENTUM can be assigned based on any quality determined by a die roll (same as zoom/blast die roll), not just HIT quality.

You're welcome to pencil these upcoming changes into your current game play, if you want to. We've taken the HOCKEY BLAST base game out of circulation for a couple of months while we prepare the new print materials. It'll return this fall when the new 2017-18 Pro Season hockey cards are released, in early October. HOCKEY BLAST card sets will continue to be available. Once the updated game is launched, we'll make the new components available at a nominal cost to people who already own the game.

Questions? Comments? Let us know! We're always happy to help!