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Second Season EXPRESS Football PLAAY Mat!

By popular demand—our first official "PLAAY Mat," specially designed for SECOND SEASON Express Pro Football Game! NOW AVAILABLE!

Game mats are a relatively new wrinkle in the board game world, but their popularity is growing exponentially. Why? Lots of reasons. Dice roll more easily and quietly on the low-density rubber composite material. The game surface stays flat and stable. The larger mat size can accomodate a consolidated game footprint: what normally occupies several charts or boards can be spread out over the game mat's larger 14" x 24" dimensions. Dice and/or fast-action cards can be roll/flipped right on top of the charts, with no jostling of paper. It's a smoother, more seamless experience.

Our SECOND SEASON Express Football PLAAY mat does all that and more! The express kicking and return charts are enlarged, and there's an enlarged playing field area. There are bounded areas in which the team cards and express chart cards can be placed. We've also added a game clock/minutes-to-play area, so that the game can now be played entirely paper-less! The mat is presented in retro 1970s colors and style, a nod to the sports games of that era (Avalon-Hill, 3M, Sports Illustrated, etc.) that blazed a trail for today's sports games!

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The SECOND SEASON Express Football PLAAY Mat sells for $29, postage-paid and is specifically designed to accommodate the copy of SECOND SEASON Express that you already own. Don't own the game yet? Bundle your purchase and get BOTH the express game AND the PLAAY Mat for $39, a savings of $10. Order TODAY!