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PLAAY Gamer Preferred Links...

PLAAY Gamer Preferred LinksSports Gamer-Friendly Links! These are some of our favorite links, let us know about yours!

REPLAY PUBLISHING • Pete Ventura is a kindred soul to me, and his sports simulation board game company is like a second (or, first!) home to many PLAAY Gamers.

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW • Steve Tower's sports board game news and information YouTube channel is updated weekly with fresh news, game reviews and even contests where you can win prizes!

HANDS ON GAMES • Al Wilson's YouTube channel takes a look at all kinds of board games, he's featured a couple of different PLAAY Games, like HMB and RWBR!

BOARD GAME GEEK • The premiere board game site on the web, for ALL kinds of games, not just sports games! Check out Brien Martin's review of HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL, Nigel Collier's review of SECOND SEASON Football! Here's Mike Sagliano's review of DEMO DERBY SMASH-DOWN and RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'. And here's Calvin Daniels' review of COLD SNAP Canadian Football...

CRAIG'S TOY BOX • Craig Helinksy has a number of game projects ongoing, including several involving PLAAY Games.

LEGENDS OF BOXING • Gary Brown is a long-time pal, and this is his top-flight boxing simulation board game. Gary first released this game in 2004, and it has become a favorite of tabletop boxing fans.

PLAAY GAMES SPOTLIGHT • Game blogger Geoff Barton did a nice piece on PLAAY Games for the Ft. Worth Examiner, read it here.

DAVID GRAY'S BACK TO MINNESOTA WEB SITE • Dave is a long-time fan of SECOND SEASON and has created a couple of vintage seasons himself, using the "How-To" Guide. You can download them for free when you visit his site! (NOTE that the game pictured on Dave's site is the REPLAY version of the game.)

MIKE'S SPORTS SIMULATION WEB SITE • Includes results from Mike's REPLAY baseball projects, including the 1908 and 1978 Major League Baseball seasons and a fascinating replay of the 1923 Negro National League.

FRAN LARKIN's FIVE WORDS AND THEN SOME • Fran is an IBM guy who started at the bottom, and worked his way through a distinguished career marked by exemplary service and deep friendships. Now retired, he's written a short book in about succeeding in life. Written in Fran's plain-spoken, home-spun style, the book is a great read and filled with practical wisdom! Oh--and Fran is a long-time SECOND SEASON fan, too!

RICK'S REC ROOMRick Teverbaugh has written a really nice article about FACE TO THE MAT Pro Wrestling Game.

ROLL2PLAY GAMES Tiffany Franzone is a board game lover who runs an online game store with all kinds of unique and fun board and card games! New items added all the time, including many NEW games you won't find anywhere else!

WIRED FOR FUN Wired For Fun carries a fantastic selection of military strategy games, with a tremendous assortment of Advanced Squad Leader. In addition to this they also carry a great line of brain teasers and puzzles.

PETRIE'S FAMILY GAMES We've done a game demo day at Petrie's and it's one of the best game stores around--not to mention that they carry PLAAY Games! Ask them about us!

BATTLEGROUND GAMES About a dozen PLAAY Gamers gathered at the Plainville, MA location (9/27/14) for the second annual "Fall Classic Pre-PLAAY," and we were warmly received and enthusiastically welcomed! This store has an amazing stock of games and game accessories, and a helpful and courteous staff.

GAME KASTLE Host for our 2015 Time Machine Tournament in Santa Clara, CA, we can't say enough GREAT things about the store and the people who run it. Truly a gamer's game store!

GAME CAFE This is where we held our HMB Time Machine Tournament in March 2014. Great store, great people, on the square in historic Independence, MO.

UNDERHILL'S GAMES Underhill's hosted our 2015 Football Kickoff event (7/26/15) and really made everyone feel welcome. BONUS: There's an Arthur Theacher's Fish & Chips a couple blocks away, one of only NINE still in business; there used to be over 900 of them!

LEVEL UP GAMES If you're a gamer in/near the Twin Cities, this store is a must-visit. They hosted our "All-Saints Day" event (11/1/14) which was a huge success! We THOROUGHLY enjoyed our time there!

SPORTS REPLAYS DOT NET John Gardiner's UK sports replay site is crammed full of cool stuff!

WORLD BOARD GAME CHAMPIONSHIPS This is one of the biggest board game get-togethers in the country, last year over 2000 people showed up for the annual week-long game-fest! It's not just sports games, either--in fact, there are relatively FEW sports games played! But it's big fun--we've been at the show the last couple years, and are looking forward to attending again...